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I'm currently speccing up a new PC to run AutoCAD & Revit software. I'm not looking to do any gaming so I don't need an all singing, all dancing graphics card - but I do want to run either a single large monitor at 4k or possibly a pair of 27" displays at 1440p.

I'm looking at Ryzen 5 CPU's and can see that there's an "X" variant, and also a "G" variant - the latter having on board graphics, although I can't seem to find any info on just what a 5600G can output (which I assume will be to a single monitor only)

Also confused as to why the G & X are roughly the same cost - does the G give anything away in order to have the on board graphics?

Thanks in advance.


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X range is unlocked, G has integrated graphics.

Googling "amd 5600g max resolution", third hit is a Reddit article,

Yes, it does.

Tech details:

  • Maximum total resolution of all connected displays is 16384x16384, which is enough for three 5K monitors in horizontal arrangement.
  • Socket AM4 routes 3 display outputs so you can connect 3 displays to AM4 mobos directly.
  • 5600G has 4 display controllers, so with the help of DisplayPort MST hubs or daisy-chaining you can connect 4 independent displays.
  • Be aware of bandwidth requirements when using MST hubs: The MST hub needs to support DisplayPort 1.3 in order to connect two [email protected] Hz monitors.
  • You can in principle connect a [email protected] Hz monitor via DVI and DVI->HDMI adapter, but for that you need to mod the Windows driver (using pixel clock patcher), or use Linux. If you are not willing to do that, buy a mobo that can connect 3 monitors via DisplayPort or HDMI outputs (such as Gigabyte A520I AC).


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Triple monitor support has been the baseline capability of all graphics for a decade or so at this point - although not all motherboards provide three ports.

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