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Hi all

Where can I find the tool to show my CPU stats or system stats on the task bar on the top where the battery icon is.

Many Thanks


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Not sure about on the menu bar but if you open Activity Monitor from the Utilities Folder, right click on its Dock icon and select Monitors, there are a few options for displaying processor usage. That might be good enough for you.


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Another monitoring tool is XRG (http://www.gauchosoft.com/xrg/).

This is open source, and therefore free.

It is highly configurable, and can even be configured for stock market shares, and local weather, as well as monitoring CPU, Memory Disk I/O, Network Traffic, Battery Status, and system temperature.

Although it doesn't sit in the menu bar, it can be shrunk down to a small unobtrusive icon that opens the app when you rollover it with the mouse pointer.
Hardware Monitor is what your looking for, takes a bit of setting up but it can show your cpu usage in the taskbar, if you click on it it will expand and show other stuff like memory/cpu tem, anything you configure it to

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