cpu fans?


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Hey all still waiting on some bits arriving to build my htpc but was bored today so fitted my cpu and cooler to motherboard, I bought 3 silent fans 2 for my case and intended to use the other on my mini ninja cooler rather than using the stock one. However just stuck the fan on the cooler and was looking at the cpu fan connection on the motherboard, which is 4 pin and my fans are 3 pin, when I read the back of the fan box, it says its ok as a case fan but doesnt state cpu fan, would I be ok to use this on my cooler? or just use the stock mini ninja one just now and order another more suitable silent fan? sorry for the newbie questions, first build and want to do it properly. These are the fans I bought:



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yes but if you power it from the 4-pin header you wont be able to control the speed, just run it from one of the 3-pin headers on the mobo and disable the cpu-fan speed alarm in the bios, if its starts beeping at you


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Ok thanks, I think the fans have a 4 pin adapter. My motherboard only has 2 x cha fan slots 1 x cpu fan slot and 1 x power fan slot. I ordered a zalman hd160 which I hope will be here on monday and had thought I would replace the 2 back panel fans with my silent ones and put them in the cha fan slots

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