Cpu fan error

Baron Von Doom

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Just spent most of last night stripping my pc down and swapping the cpu fan for a smaller model so i actually fit the disc drive in.
The new fan is a Scythe Shurriken. Motherboard is a P5K-VM. On boot up it spins but shuts off after about 4 seconds. I then get the message cpu fan error. After a bit of investigating it seems to only do this when the fan control is on in the bios. I had my last one set to quiet mode.
I switched the fan control off and it seems to run fine, just at full speed.
Has anyone else had this problem?
Or any problems with this fan?


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I have found this on many motherboards fitted with slow revving fans. Just leave detection switched off in Bios.
Often a Bios upgrade can sort it but you run the risk if the bios update fails and end up with a duff motherboard.

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