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I just built up my HTPC yesterday, and I'm about to start tweaking it today, but I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this error?

When the PC starts up, the BIOS detects a CPU Fan error, and won't continue to boot until you press F1.
The motherboard is an ASUS P4P800-VM, running a 3Ghz P4C with a Zalman 7000 cooler. The fan on the Zalman is throttled right back, so it's running at about 1400RPM, which I think is the problem. If I speed it up the error goes away, but it gets louder.
It's running cool enough as it is (27C CPU temp at idle) the only problem is the error message! Anyone know anyway of turning off the warning, or fooling the BIOS into thinking it's OK?

Thanks for the help,

Keir Turner.


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Yeah, mine does that too. its because the fan speed is too low according to the asus bios. its not a problem if your temps are ok then just ignore it. there is an option in the boot section of the bios which allows you to turn off the need to press F1.



Yep mine used to do that too, just switch off that Asus control stuff.


Thanks guys, I'll give that a try. Temps are definitely fine, I've left the machine on all day just to run it in and it's been sitting at 27C CPU and 31C system all day, which I'd say is within the acceptable range ;)



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its impossible to get the cpu below the system temp with air cooling;)

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