CPU Fan and HeatSink Reccomendation please!


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My CPU is the Intel Pentium 4 HT 550 3.4GHz, which I think is this one: http://compare.intel.com/pcc/showchart.aspx?mmID=861658&familyID=1&culture=en-US

My PC is a Advent T11, with a MS 7046 mobo.

Basically, the CPU fan sounds like a jetfighter plane! :mad: It drives me mad!

So need a new CPU fan which is quiet. What do you reccomend, I'm not too sure which ones will fit.

Here are some pics of the current fan:

BTW, I don't overclock, so this is just asking for a new CPU fan :)

Reading around on the net I have discovered that the heat sink becomes noisy as well so I need one of those as well?



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Yep, it's quiet (and cheap)

If you want the quietest then a Zalman 7700 / 9700 is excellent. Or the Thermalright Ultra-120 / XP-120 or Scythe Ninja but they're all £20-£30+

In terms of fitting you replace the whole current heatsink / fan combo with the new one.


How much space do you have between top of CPU and case side? The heatsinks mentioned are quieter than stock, but not the very quietest, or best cooling. You also need to check they fit in your case, especially 9700 (again not the quietest) The best and quietest coolers are towers, with a 12cm fan. But you need a big case with plenty of room.

heat sink becomes noisy as well

Care to explain how a piece of aluminium produces noise?


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erm I have a 9700 in my HTPC and it's much quieter than either the Scythe tower I had before or the Noctua tower I have now. Oh and the ones I listed are also the reference coolers from silentpcreview.com.


Zalman 9700 @ 100% - 35dB
Scythe Ninja @ 100% - 20.94dB

Which is fair bit quieter, 35dB is noticeable. The Zalman's are fine at low rpm (20dB) just when you increase to the higher speed, when gaming or overclocking.

My HTPC and gaming rig have Scythe Ninja.

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