Question CPU core problem on my new i9 10900K?


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Apr 2, 2008
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Do I have a core problem/issue?


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Given the peaks match across all cores I'm guessing you only had one app using significant CPU time?

If so then that's likely just the core handling the main thread for that app.
What tester are you running?

Are you running a PC stress test or CPU stress test?

Do you get the same result each time?
I was running xplane 11 and taking a look at this information at the same time.

I was just concerned that there was a window that was not showing any information?
it looks like that core was maxed out. If it was all white, then nothing was running on the core.
So is that correct or an issue?
It could be an issue or just one of those things. Try running another core utility to see if you have the same result.
All cores seem to be running at the moment
So is that correct or an issue?
Without more info, don't know. All I can see from your picture is the CPU's are all active with the one you highlighted at being maxed out. If you look at the resource monitor, you can see what processes are running on what CPU/core
Thank you for your help everyone, much appreciated :)
Try running the intel processor diagnostic tool, it's pretty comprehensive in its testing.

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