CPU Coolers - Price (UK) =VS= Performance

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    Price (UK) =VS= Performance

    Theres a lot of topics going about on the net about which fan is best. I've chosen the following fans i think are some of the best around right now:

    CPU Coolers

    Xigmatek 1283 RS SEE REVIEW

    Thermalright Ultra 120 eXtreme + 120mm SEE REVIEW

    OCZ Vendetta 2 SEE REVIEW

    Noctua NH-U12P SEE REVIEW

    Thermaltake Big Typhoon VX SEE REVIEW

    Zalman 9700 SEE REVIEW

    Freezer 64 Pro SEE REVIEW

    Its all good picking the best, but whats the best according to it's price tag? Is it worth paying an extra ~£10-20 for an added 2-5'C reduction?

    I'm from the UK, so for all you UK'ers i've browsed various top sites and included whats the cheapest price (roughly) + P&P for each one:

    UK Prices

    Xigmatek 1283 RS

    £34 - Xigmatek Red Scorpion-S1283 120mm LED cooler for Intel/AMD - Scan.co.uk

    Thermalright Ultra 120 eXtreme + 120mm (buy an extra fan - need to!)

    £52 - Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme 120mm Heat Sink Fan for AM2 CPU (Without Fan) - Scan.co.uk

    OCZ Vendetta 2

    £35 - Buy OCZ Vendetta 2 CPU Cooler*OCZTVEND2 from CCL - Online Retailer of the Year 2008, 2007 & 2006 for laptops, desktops and computer hardware

    Noctua NH-U12P

    £52 - Buy Noctua NH-U12P CPU Cooler*NH-U12P from CCL - Online Retailer of the Year 2008, 2007 & 2006 for laptops, desktops and computer hardware

    Thermaltake Big Typhoon VX

    £40 - [​IMG]ThermalTake Big Typhoon 120VX for Socket 775, AMD K8 amd AM2 : novatech.co.uk : TT-TYP120

    Zalman 9700

    £48 - [​IMG]Zalman CNPS9700-LED Super Aero Flower Cooler Skt LGA775,AM2,754,939 and 940- microdirect.co.uk

    Freezer 64 Pro

    £18 - Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro CPU Cooler |Specialtech.co.uk -

    Summary of the CPU Coolers

    Xigmatek 1283 RS:

    "In conclusion, I can recommend the Red Scorpion HDT cooler to enthusiast and gamers who don't want to sacrifice looks for performance. This Xigmatek cooler was very easy to install, and since it uses the standard push-pin style compression clips the motherboard didn't have to be removed. I have noticed that Xigmatek will soon be offering a screw-style retaining system with motherboard backing plate, and this should deliver a much stronger mount to the CPU in return. Although the Red Scorpion is designed from the Xigmatek HDT-S1283 concept, there are small advantages that trade performance for better product longivity and sharp appearance."
    - benchmarkreviews.com

    Thermalright Ultra 120 eXtreme:

    "We asked at the beginning of this review if more is better. In the case of the Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme the answer is a solid "Yes it is". The Tuniq Tower 120 and original Thermalright Ultra 120 remain very competitive heatpipe towers. In that same ball park are the Cooler Master Hyper 6+ and the Scythe Infinity with push-pull fans. You will not be disappointed in any of these coolers. However, the best air cooler we have tested is the Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme. It cools better at all speeds and overclocks, and overclocks the processor further than any air CPU cooler we have tested. We look forward to seeing it on retail shelves, and performance enthusiasts should definitely try to find an Ultra 120 Extreme to cool their processor when it hits the retail channel."
    - anandtech.com

    OCZ Vendetta 2:

    "For the idle and load stock temperatures, the OCZ Vendetta 2 CPU cooler had around the same temperatures as the other coolers it was compared to, but when the processor was overclocked it's true colors started to shine through. While idling and overclocked, the Vendetta 2 tied the Thermalright Ultra, and was only one degree warmer than the water cooled system. At full load it was the coolest of all the air coolers and just a bit higher than H2O. Those are very good temps, especially considering the cost between the air and water cooling setup. The fan on the OCZ Vendetta 2 is very quiet and has no vibration noise whatsoever. The fact that this cooler can work on different platforms is a plus, and it includes all the necessary hardware to handle said platforms. OCZ also includes a thermal paste to use if you have no other preference or supply, so no extra costs are needed when installing."
    - overclockersclub.com

    Noctua NH-U12P:

    "The NH-U12P isn't the most stylish cooler we've seen, but what it lacks in pizazz it makes up for in refinement. The stepped edges of each face may not look as sharp as the really are, but then again they serve a greater purpose of increasing surface area for thermal exposure. In conclusion, I find myself less than satisfied with the NH-U12P CPU cooler. It's a very good CPU cooler, but it's not great. It carries several design techniques which would prove itself a great performer, if only it didn't also include some technical flaws. Added to the good but not great performance is the bad but not horrible pricing. The bottom line is that the NH-U12P offers a good near-silent cooling solution, but it's not something that overclockers will come to appreciate."
    - benchmarkreviews.com

    Thermaltake Big Typhoon VX:

    "The Big Typ VX is one cooler that we simply weren't expecting to come up trumps on performance – it looks too ungainly to be anything special. Well, we couldn't have been more wrong. This one really does deliver the goods. Cooling performance was very impressive and that, together with speedy installation, helps explains why so many Big Typ VXs appeared on manufacturers stands at CeBIT this year. And it gets better. The price of the VX is one of the keenest here, too. Seriously good stuff! In terms of bangs-per-buck, the Thermaltake Big Typ VX, in our view, delivers the most right now. It's got the lot – great cooling performance; simple and speedy installation; and a price that's more than a few pennies under £30. Indeed, it's so good – and such good value - that it comes away with a trio of awards. In this LGA 775 cooler round-up, the Thermaltake Big Typ VX grabs our eXtreme Editors Choice award, an eXtreme Recommended award and also an eXtreme Value award. If you care about keeping your CPU cool – and you absolutely should – then the Big Typ VX is what you'll choose for your Core2Duo. The Big Typ VX is also able to spread its goodness around, being compatible with three other types of CPU socket - 754, 939 and AM2."
    - hexus.net

    Zalman 9700:

    "Their new CNPS9700 LED cooler is the real deal. It's got performance, even easier installation and virtually universal compatibility. With outstanding fit and finish, a big aggressive presence and the blue LED fan, it also has great looks and would be an excellent upgrade for the stock cooler. The design could result in lower case temperatures as well, providing there's an exhaust fan in the vicinity. Overclockers can have some fun with this cooler, and in silent mode, the quiet computing crowd will be very happy as well. I'm very impressed with this cooler and can recommend it highly. At around $70 US, the 9700 isn't the cheapest cooler out there, but it's one of the best. When you consider that it's little brother can be had for $20 less, I'm a bit hard-pressed to call it a good value just now, but if the price should drop by 10% or so, it would be a very good buy. Zalman's CNPS9700 LED is a great cooler and the improved AMD mounting solution is a welcome addition. If the Gypsy woman sees a new CPU cooler in your future, don't overlook the Zalman CNPS9700 LED. Oh, and Mr. Bones gives it two thumbs up. ‘Nuf said."
    - www.tweaknews.net

    Freezer 64 Pro:

    "The Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro is a great lower-noise AMD Athlon64 socket 754/939/940 heatsink, but there are a couple other heatsinks which one-up it. If noise is not a consideration for your system, there are a half a dozen other heatsinks to select from which yield much lower temperatures, but with drastically higher noise output. The 2200RPM Arctic Cooling fan doesn't generate too much noise, but it is not a silent solution when running at stock speeds either. We've mentioned our concerns about the lifespan of the rubber dualaxial fan mounts, but without firm information either way on that question there really is no reason not to enjoy the benefits that the Freezer 64 Pro heatsink potentially has to offer."
    - www.frostytech.com

    Various CPU Cooler tests:

    HEXUS.net - Review :: LGA 775 CPU Cooler Mega Test : Page - 115/120

    Best CPU Cooler Performance - Q3 2008 | best cpu coolers,Cooler Master V8,Thermaltake V14 Pro,CL-P0471,OCZTGLADM,hdt-s1284,VAF-1225,hdt-s1283,best cpu cooler performance,hdt cooler,heat-pipe direct touch,Best CPU Cooler Performance - Q2 2008 Benchmar

    Best CPU Cooler Performance - Q4 2008 | Best CPU Cooler,Cooling Performance,CoolIT Domino ALC,Titan FENRIR,CNPS9900,SpinQ,Best CPU Cooler Performance Q4 2008: Heatsink Comparison Benchmark Cooling Test. | Benchmark Reviews Performance Tests

    Best CPU Cooler Performance - Q1 2008 | best cpu coolers,xigmatek hdt-s1283,ocz vendetta 2,ultra-120,RVT-12025,NH-U12P,ocztvend2,best cpu cooler performance,hdt cooler,heat-pipe direct touch,scythe mugen,Best CPU Cooler Performance - Q1 2008 Benchmar

    Arctic Cooling Final Heatsink Temperature Comparisons - Freezer 64 Pro FrostyTech Review

    Thermalright Final AMD/Intel Heatsink Temperature Comparisons - Ultra-120 FrostyTech Review

    I hope this can serve those (who like me) were struggling to pick a good cooler and what would be best for them. There are of course others i haven't included, but these are some of my favs.

    The tests above are of course are going to be different from each other i.e. different variants like room temps, case, board etc etc, so you can't based it fully temp to temp, but allow a few degree's give or take to make up for it. It remains as guidance only. Hopefully it should help those picking a new CPU Cooler

    I named the topic "Price (UK) =VS= Performance", so what do i reckon is the best in relation to the tests, reviews, price & performance?

    Theres no doubt all are great coolers. The Freezer 64 is the cheapest at £18 and would serve anyones needs at a low price point & thus will do the job; recommended for average OC'ers. The rest are for those who wish to really push the boat out and go a bit mental. Theres not much between them as a whole, but personal preference.

    How big is your case? Will it fit on the board? How much of an OC are you doing? Do you prefer style rather than the best results? Will there be enough airflow in the case for the heatsink to use? Or, do you want something a little more quiet than others out there?

    Theres many a question for yourself to answer.

    Anyways, i hope this guide can help those pick a cooler quicker and easier.
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    Very imformative, thanks very much
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    Excellent guide but just 2 minor comments:

    1. You may want to change the highlight colour of the Freezer 64 from Yellow as it's quite hard to read

    2. A lot of people know the Freezer 64 as it's Intel equivalent the Freezer 7 Pro so may be useful to call it Freezer 7 Pro/Freezer 64 to make it a bit more obvious

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    Good informative post their mate, you have obviously put a lot of effort into it and saved people a lot of time doing their own fan research.

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