CPU cooler spec' & temperatures...


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I've recently changed my CPU cooler to a ThermalTake Silent 775D as pictured. Since I changed to the Thermaltake Silent 775D CPU cooler, my PC's CPU temp average is 30°C.
I've used Core Temp 0.95 to monitor the temperature. It's freeware and needs no installation.

Can you please post your "CPU details", "CPU Cooler details" and "temperature results"?



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I have not overclocked my E6600 yet but its the same temp as your one most of the time.


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I have a socket 939 AMD X2 4200+ Toledo Core with a Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 pro and the temps seem to be about 45.

However when I loaded up doom 3 to see if that would load the processor up to make it hotter, it got cooler - m/b must have increased the fan speed :thumbsup: The temp then was about 42...

That temp seems a bit high compared to intel, or do the intel chips run cooler? Or havent I installed my cooler properly lol :D


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I've got an e4300 overclocked to 3ghz, cooled by a Big Typhoon. At idle it downclocks automatically to 2ghz, and is around 28C (the fan slows automatically too, it's around 20ish if it's at 1200rpm). At load it's around 50C.

These processors really do run very, very cool - I accidentally jammed the processor fan and it still didn't go over 50C (that's with only one small 1000rpm case fan running).


my 6600 2.4 ghz runs 28 idle 44 under load, and thats with stock cooler(this is only after a bios update on my mobo though)


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I have AMD Socket 939 4600 + (2.4GHz) and it stays at 30C most of the time, on stock cooler.

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