COVID-19 symptoms/do you think you are positive?

Do you think you are positive for COVID 19?

  • Untested: I feel 100% certain that I'm negative

    Votes: 47 42.7%
  • Untested: I feel maybe a 25% chance that I'm positive

    Votes: 16 14.5%
  • Untested: I feel maybe a 33% chance that I'm positive

    Votes: 4 3.6%
  • Untested: I feel maybe a 50% chance that I'm positive

    Votes: 9 8.2%
  • Untested: I feel maybe a 66% chance that I'm positive

    Votes: 7 6.4%
  • Untested: I feel maybe a 75% chance that I'm positive

    Votes: 13 11.8%
  • Untested: I feel 100% sure that I am positive

    Votes: 10 9.1%
  • I have been tested positive

    Votes: 2 1.8%
  • I have been tested negative

    Votes: 2 1.8%

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The Dreamer

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Just thought I’d start a post for symptoms people are experiencing, and the time-line for each one.

I‘ll just update this first post, as and when I can. Feel free to document your own CV19 journey below. It may make some people feel better, if they know what to expect, and roughly when....

So I most definitely have it, as today, I’ll call this day 1, the symptoms are not just in my head - as I thought/hoped they were yesterday; so yesterday will be Day 0, when I wasn’t totally sure I wasn’t just suffering psychosomatic symptoms just because my wife was suffering.

Day 0 - Mar 28 2020

Occasional dry cough developing through the day, didn’t think much of it in the morning, as I usually have a good cough or two to get going in the morning, suffering from post nasal drip through the night.

Late evening, feel occasional aches within joints. Not a serious pain, but between a needle and a finger pushing inside the joints. Started with my ankles, moved to knees, and ended in shoulders. Each little episode didn’t last long, less than a minute at a time, and was discomfort, more than actual pain.

Day 1 - Mar 29 2020

A good night‘s sleep until waking up at 05:00 (06:00 now, as clocks have moved forward) - feeling nauseous and a little disoriented. Not bad enough to need a bucket, but thinking if it gets any worse, I might!

Sitting up feels better than lying down, so end up posting on AVForums. That takes an effort, and a wave of tiredness hits. Fall asleep again, and don’t wake until 10:00 - unusual for me, as we‘re generally up and about at around 06:30.

Now feeling cold, despite heating on and I’m in hibernation under a Winter duvet.

Had slight headache and nausea again before going to sleep for the night.

Day 2 - Mar 30 2020

Woke a few times through the night, felt cold, but boiling hot in reality.

Eventually woke properly mid-morning with more nausea.

Coughing becoming more established - but again, have had worse.

Feeling fine, so went downstairs to make a coffee.

Getting back upstairs was a struggle though, out of breath, couldn’t make it all the way without stopping.

Went back to bed, and stayed there.

Basically, don’t feel too bad, as long as I don’t have to move, or talk, when I quickly run out of breath.

Spent the rest of the day bed-bound going through the Disney+ catalogue!

Day 3 - Mar 31 2020

A decent nights sleep, though waking up very late (09:30), I feel great, so go downstairs and make breakfast.

Run out of breath going back up the stairs again, and takes me a while to recover! (Seems I never learn)!

Still, feeling pretty good once I lie on the bed for a while so decide to get up and potter about.

Have lunch, and all is fine.

About an hour later, and I decide to be helpful by taking a load of laundry downstairs. There’s a load in the machine, waiting to come out, so I empty the machine, and it’s a bit weird. I can’t tell if it’s a clean or dirty load - the washing machine says it’s finished a program, but the clothes don’t smell, of anything! I decide my wife has forgotten to put fabric conditioner in, and unload them - then put the new load in, and it’s only when I go to pour the conditioner in, that I realise I can’t smell it, at all!

Now I know this is a common symptom, but it still took me by surprise - just an hour earlier I could smell and taste just fine, and now - nothing!

I‘ve just finished sucking on a Jakemans Black (a really strong menthol sweet), and I couldn’t taste, or smell, a thing! It is such a weird sensation.

Headache behind the eyes just starting - I’m going for a lie down.

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Day 1 mild fever. Odd cough here and there
Day2 same
Day 3 flu symptoms. Aching headache cold but 101f. Roasting at night in a sort of nice way but if I moved it was freezing.
Day 4 aching. Headache tired. Cold. 101f cold at night then roasting. Sweating. Shivering
Day 5 same
Day 6 tired aching abdominal pains.

no cough or lung issues throughout to speak of (but wife has those and loss of taste)


101F = 38.3333C for us old fashioned folks :)


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Hope all those who have it get better.

Symptoms vary, current clinical course suggest if you make it to day 5 without needing hospital admissions you should be fine. Average time of getting symptoms to ITU admission is 7 days, so if you make it 1 week at home than you should be OK.

If you do think you have it, rest, don't expose your self to any additional infections or be around others who may have it. Exposure to additional viral load may worsen morbidity.

Sloppy Bob

This was a few weeks ago, before it was really kicking off here.

Day 1 - Cough, headache. Nothing really but felt a bit crap. Didn't go out.
Day 2 - Same slightly worse, towards bedtime felt feverish. Didn't go out as I was feeling crap.
Day 3 - Cough is nearly gone, headache worse, fever much worse, sore limbs and joints. I don't think I should go out due to what they're saying on the news.
Day 4 - Wake early, very feverish. Feel like I'm going to be sick and go to bathroom, I start vomiting and having bouts of diarrhea for ~ next 36 hours. I'm burning up as well but don't have a thermometer.
Day 5 - Same as previous day until later afternoon/early evening when the vomiting and diarhhea subside. Slight pain across my chest as well.
Day 6 - Stomach settled completely, fever seems to have pretty much burned out during the night, chest pain is worse, feeling a bit short of breath as I'm moving around doing things in the house I've been ignoring for the last week.
Day 7 - Wake up with chest and breathing worse, the rest of the symptoms bar a headache have gone but I feel pretty weak. Call doctor due to my breathing and they do a telephone appointment with me later during the day, I have to go to the surgery and collect a prescription. Despite my protests, I can't have Coronavirus as I haven't been abroad.
Day 8 - Chest and breathing pretty bad, stay in bed.
Day 9 - Worse, barely get out of bed.
Day 10 - Wake early needing to go to bathroom, by the time I get there I'm completely out of breath and the sweat is pouring off me. I need help. I call NHS24, they tell me to present myself at an out of hours clinic. I question my suitability to sit in the waiting room with the public, as I haven't been abroad I'm fine. I should wait for a call from the clinic who'll give me an appointment. The clinic is just around the corner from my house.

I'll cut n paste my clinic visit here from another thread.

I had to phone them on arrival, sit and wait in my car for a call back, I discussed my symptoms with a Dr on the phone and was given directions to a rear entrance and met by a nurse in a mask and plastic eye-protector, gloves, gown etc.
They hooked me up to a monitor, gave me oxygen, a Dr came in, everything was done very quickly with little in the way of conversation.
I was told they're not testing anymore.

I was told to go back outside and wait in my car for a phone call again. Had a chat with the Dr and they said I wasn't at the stage I needed hospitalisation but should not hesitate to call 999 if I felt I was in need or to call NHS24 again, they were giving me a steroid inhaler to help with my breathing in the meantime, I should also continue to self-isolate. A few minutes later someone else came out in mask etc and popped the inhaler through a crack in my passenger window.

Day 11 - Pretty much the same, stay in bed as much as possible.
Day 12 - Call from my mother's care home. She has been tested positive for CoronaVirus as do 5 other residents. I'm feeling slightly better but very concerned about my mother.
Day 13 - Back on my feet but doing very little.
Day 14 - Improvement again and this goes on over the next few days.

It's now nearly a month since I started feeling ill and how things have changed. I still have a slight "heaviness" in my lungs and I am getting out of breath still a bit easier than normal but I'm getting there. My mother has thankfully recovered but the care home has many patients with CoronaVirus now and I'm sure a few of the staff must have succumbed as well, thankfully there have been no deaths yet.


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  • Day 0 24/3. Nothing. Spend much of the afternoon gardening. Wine and a movie later.
  • Day 1 25/3. Tingly nose followed by nasal congestion, sneezing and runny nose. Hoped it might be a cold. Took some home remedies for cold/flu. Elderflower tincture, eating raw garlic (with 75% cocoa chocolate to stop the garlic burn). Apple cider vinegar. 2-3g of Vitamin C
  • Day 2 26/3 As above. Exhausted, spent most of the day in bed.
  • Day 3 27/3 Remedies seem to have worked. Nose clear, no congestion. Felt OK. Did some gardening for around 60 minutes.
  • Day 4 28/3 Dry chest cough now and again. Fever, spent many hours fully clothed in bed with two duvets on (13.5 + 4.5 tog) to try to feel warm. Exhausted, spent most of the day in bed either asleep or dozing. Didn't eat at all apart from a couple of oatcakes.
  • Day 5 29/5 Starting to get a burning sensation in the top of my lungs something like the day after smoking too much. Started in left side, now both left and right. Occasional dry chest cough.
Throughout occasional short headaches, but nothing lasting too long. No muscle aches or pains. No loss of taste or smell. No abdominable issues. Haven't taken painkillers so far.


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My sister in law is an old age consultant and she has a work WhatsApp group consisting of other medical professionals a few of them who have come down with covid 19. One of the icu consultants shared a post which demonstrates just how wildly varying the symptoms are.

The icu consultant said she had developed typical symptoms of covid 19, high temp, consistent cough and she tested positive for it. Her husband who is also an icu consultant had a blocked nose for 48hrs, that’s it no other symptoms and he also tested positive.

Another colleague headache, upset tummy and fever of 37.9, tested positive.

Another colleague 48hrs of sneezing and symptoms attributed to hay fever tested positive.

Another one runny nose and cough for 24hrs only tested positive.

They have in house testing at the hospital the icu consultant works at and started testing staff 2 weeks ago.

Don’t mean to alarm anyone but is useful info to have. I think many of us may have it/had it and not known, the antibody tests would be useful about now.

Stay safe everyone.


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I had some symptoms back before it was cool in early/mid Feb - didn't want to get out of bed for three days, felt grim but nothing unusual - headache, cough, light brain weirdness at night. No idea if it was the thing. SWMBO coming to the end of self-isolation week now having had light symptoms including loss of smell/taste.


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as mentioned a while back, i was at a dinner party on the 29th feb, then woke up on the sunday feeling ok, but by the afternoon i was real ropey and as a result took the next week off work...

i had flu like symptoms for a couple of nights but no real fever as such...and I stayed in bed most pf the week..and i had a dry cough (still coughing now), i went back to work and was still coughing a lot, then went to the gym on the thursday(?) and felt strong, but cardio poor...

my lady had similar issues - but not as bad and my lady has the sniffles...we've hardly left the house and able to work from home, but who knows if it was the virus or not...


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The NHS website only lists coughs & high temperature but we know there are other symptom: chest pain, difficulty breathing, etc.

I don’t have a high temp or persistant cough but have the above symptoms. Though not severe.


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My sister and my niece are both showing symptoms, and are now isolating in the house away from her husband and son. As best they can.

My old man is also showing symptoms in his care home, had a temperature yesterday but not today apparently. Chesty cough though and feeling very lethargic. Although that could just naturally be his age.

Not sure whether they've isolated him though, they seem to be relying on the temperature reading for that decision.

Sloppy Bob

Chesty cough doesn't sound like it as a chesty cough is a wet cough and a sign of a bacterial infection if it's got that bad rather than a viral one.


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Yeah I think it was the temperature that made them consider it was more, but that's gone today thankfully. Although I've just spoken to him, and he doesn't sound well. But hoping it's just a bad cold.

It's sh*t though not being able to see him. And no sign of that changing in the coming weeks.

Stuart Wright

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Staff member
I wonder how many people think they might have the virus? This is clearly a mental health issue. People being worried that they have it even without or very mild symptoms.
Due to my travels in March, I could well have been exposed and I reckon maybe I have a 50% chance of being positive.
Given that 50% of tested people in Iceland didn't have any symptoms, it's obviously conceivable that I've still had it, despite having no significant symptoms.
I appreciate this is not a scientific poll, but an idea of how many people feel they are positive and with what certainty will be interesting and may be something that discussion will help.
Does anyone else feel maybe they have it or have had it, but have not had a test yet?
What percentage chance do you think you have it or have had it?
been travelling on packed Tubes and Trains in London up until 2 weeks ago, everyone around me coughing and spluttering as they do this time of year...occasionally felt a bit crap but nothing terrible........to date!................i must have come across people with it and either had it ..mild dose..or miraculously swerved it ....i wish i knew which...now working from home and only going near other people when i need to shop for the family.............so like everyone ....its a waiting game..............i don't think I could put a stat on whether i have had it or not..i hope i have


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Which bring us back to the ?,why aren't more people being tested :(
Because the government didn't take the warnings from other countries and buy test kits early enough. Now like toilet roll at Tesco everybody wants them and there aren't enough to meet supply.


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I'm still think both myself and my partner had this at Christmas. I am never ill and ended up with a high fever, in bed for 4days without any energy to get up.

She subsequently had a continuous cough for over a week and got so bad she passed out shopping.

Both would have been considered mild cases but for two healthy adults young adults with no pre existing conditions they say it is mild.


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I'm still think both myself and my partner had this at Christmas. I am never ill and ended up with a high fever, in bed for 4days without any energy to get up.

She subsequently had a continuous cough for over a week and got so bad she passed out shopping.

Both would have been considered mild cases but for two healthy adults young adults with no pre existing conditions they say it is mild.
Around Christmas time a lot of people were reporting,very bad cold & cough they just could get over,first cases in China were reported toward the end of December 2019.



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One interesting point to me is how worried some people are about catching Covid-19, given the actual risks if you are not in a high risk group.

Those in a non-high risk group have a fatality rate of around 0.1% and probably much less. If 50% of the population get Covid-19 next year then the probability of death from Covid-19 for someone not in an at-risk group is only 1/2000.

Some people may say that even a 1/2000 chance of death is terrifying for them. In practice though we face risks like that all the time without worrying about it.

For example, I am a male in the 45 to 49 age group. That means that I have a 213 in 100,000 chance of getting cancer over the next year. More than 50% of men who get cancer will die from it. So I have a 0.213% chance of getting cancer (or 1 in 470) over the next year and something like a 0.11% (or 1 in 900) chance of it going on to kill me. (If you are older than me your chance of getting cancer in a given year is much higher.) In other words I am about twice as likely to be diagnosed with fatal cancer over the next year than I am to die of Covid-19- and I face that risk every year. (Actually that risk goes up each year - if I was 60 then my cancer probability rises to about 8 times that of death from Covid-19.)

However, generally I do not hear of anyone laying awake at night worried of getting cancer - though I do know some people who are terrified of catching Covid-19.

So are some people unnecessarily stressed because:
(1) People over estimate the risks of Covid19 for themselves. This does not seem unlikely as the media publish the Covid19 fatality numbers without putting them in any context. For example, in the past 3 weeks 1,800 people in the UK have died of Covid-19 with around 400 deaths in the last day. Without any context how does anyone know whether that is "a lot"? In that same period around 30,000 will have died of other causes, including around 10,000 of cancer. (Obviously Covid-19 has the potential to keep on growing exponentially and kill tens of thousands but hopefully the lockdown will keep that figure in the 10s of thousands.)
(2) New threats always seem more worrying that existing ones.
(3) The constant media coverage and everyone talking about nothing else, simply make people think about it a lot and some people have a tendency towards obsessive worrying.

What do you think?

FYI - If you want to know about your age related risk of cancer look here:

And for general death statistics:


Good for you, I'm in a higher age group and also in a vulnerable group, my chances of death are orders of magnitude higher than yours :p so your post sounds like "I'm young, I'm invulnerable" nonsense. ;)
what makes it scary is the rapidity of death if you get it bad and you can't catch cancer

and having cancer or being v old increases your chances of dying from it anyway

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