COVID 19 disease caused by 5G, God, Vaccines or EM fields? Nut job conspiracy theories


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Seems many a few goverments are having troubles,with their populations figures on death rates . Oops dang it wrong thread , or is it ?


I think this is what is known as political social distancing :D


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Wow, Djokovic, great tennis player, but what a fudgeing dumb arrogant ****!! Never knew he was one of that lot - full blown idiot anti-vaxxer, 5G covid tinfoiler, self-diagnosed coeliac (by pressing a slice of bread against his abdomen). Zero sympathy, and how many people has he put in danger?


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A few games short of a set that boy.

Will have done some damage to his rep for sure. He's issued an apology but apparently he's pretty arrogant in real life and ignored requests not to do the tournament anyway. So sympathy will be in short supply.

I never knew about his vaccination stance, and it was his Mrs. who shared the 5G video. He's not quite the role model I thought.

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