courier company needed


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right, my mum has a couple of baby buggies to send, and needs a decent courier service that will pick up from the house and not cost a fortune!!

I would use the service in the trading forums here, but no feedback yet!!!

any recommendations??


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the only courier company I have used is Amtrak, I needed to send a used exhaust system, I had wrapped it in a pink sheet and used a whole roll of wide sellotape, it looked more like a bit of modern art than a parcel!, it arrived at its destination the next day, same with a keyboard in a flight case (28kg) arrived next day, and they picked it up from my place of work. Definitely worth a try.
ps. you need to know the weight of the item and have cash for the driver who comes to pick it up.


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we just used to send a pushchair we sold on ebay. £14,99 for the 48 hr service, which they delivered in 24 hrs.




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There's a member who'll let you use his Parcelforce account for cheap but I think you already need a trader rating of 2 or something on the forum

But Amtrax in my personal experience are quick...dunno about the cost what with you sending bulky buggies


I think that's what the OP meant when he said "but no feedback yet" i.e. he himself has no trader ratings yet

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