Couple questions about my new Panasonic TX-L32X15B


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hi all,

got this panasonic tv yesterday as part of a deal from a panasonic store near me.

the only things im linking to the tv are : ps3 (hdmi - official sony cable) 360 (hdmi - unsure what brand) wii (component - official nintendo cable)

now, im not happy with the picture at all in comparison to my old Dell W1900. (the ps3 was connected to the dell using a hdmi-dvi cable.. the 360 was connected using the official 360 vga cable)

the first major problem i have, and dont know how to correct, is :

- artefacts/noise around text and edges of images. ive tried playing with the sharpness setting. its pretty limited tbh, it either makes everything appear with a white halo around it, or blurs the entire screen to eliminate said noise.
this is over hdmi (native 720p output) and component (480p output from a wii)

so how do i go about correcting it, or is just what happens when hdmi sends out a 1280x720 picture to a 1366x768 tv?

second big(ish) problem i have is really related to the ps3 mainly :-

- this lcd tv doesnt seem to support Hdmi - Full setting. (which i suppose is a wide gamut srgb output from the ps3/360)
when turned on all the blacks just crush and you lose all detail.
now, i thought this tv has a state of the art IPS-Alpha panel which would be able to accomodate 8bit, or even greater, signals and display the relevant colour.

again i refer back to my old dell w1900 with its modest s-pva panel... that one could handle hdmi-full easily, with no black crush at all (tested using test pages - the black chart didnt alter at all when switching from limited to full)

so is the panasonic's ips-alpha panel an inferior colour bit depth, or is there some other setting that has to be fiddled with?

any help to solve these problems before i just ditch this tv and the brand, and get something else would be very much appreciated.


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thanks for responding.

by IFC i assume you mean the Intelligent Frame Creation option in the Viera menus?

if so, then i have it switched off because 1) it didnt seemt to do anything 2) the max setting of IFC made the screen brighter for some reason 3) i figured it might create input lag or something because of having to do all that extra work.

so thats not switched on. nor is P-NR (which i think is some noise reduction thing) because that also seems to smooth/blur the image.

as for full hdmi etc. ive been playing around half the day with greyscale test images and stuff and pretty much came to the same conclusion - ie. it dont do much! - i can get a pretty good coloured image using either, but whichever i use just has to have brightness and contrast set differently.

maybe the difference was that the devices are now connected via hdmi, and before they were pixel perfect dvi and vga inputs (1280x768 resolution on the dell)

another thing to add.

the wii looks awful on this screen.
connected via component @ 480p, widescreen setting. it looks a blurry, oversaturated mess.
whilst i dont expect hd quality from a device like the wii, i was always led to believe that the panasonics image processing hardware was superior..... cant see it is myself!


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Yeah sorry, I meant Intelligent Frame Creation. Sounds like there might be something wrong with the TV then, the resolution thing should be a non issue as my Sony is a 1366x768 and the PS3 looks fine on that with no artefacts. I don't have a Wii myself, but I've always thought it looked better on CRT's rather than LCD's when playing it round other peoples houses. Try getting the TV swapped at the dealers and see if you just got a duff one?


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thanks for the reply again

to be fair i havent played with any settings on the wii/component side of the tv. so its probable that i could get a better picture by fiddling with contrast/brightness etc.

ive got a decent quality colour on the hdmi inputs now just by messing with contrast etc

i also dont notice as much artefacting around things now either. although text, for instance on the xbox marketplace or the ps3 store, is not pin sharp like a computer monitor at its native resolution.

maybe im sitting, or actually in my case lying down, too close to the screen? im about 5 feet away from the screen.

i phoned panasonic and they did say they were willing to exchange it for a tx-l32x20b but i dont really know if that tv would be much better, for the amount of hassle it would be to repackage and transport the tv, than what ive got, this entire situation maybe just my perception because im so used to looking at sharp images on eyes may adjust :confused:

i dont know of any calibration images on the net which test sharpness of text.
i do know that the sharpness test image on the website, when viewed using the ps3 browser, isnt correct at all, and i cant get it correct either because the sharpness settings on teh panasonic are pretty basic and there are no phase settings or anything over hdmi.

maybe you could take a look at that website and see what it looks like on your ps3? (its the picture which lots of cross hatched squares and a circle in the center. which should, when viewed at a distance look one single uniform colour)

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