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Couple of Sky Questions....



Hi all!

I have my sky dish coming into 2 sky+ boxes which then send the signal out via RF out into a splitter each.which distributes all around the house. We are on multi-room so get 2 separate sky channels at same time in different rooms.

1. Why do only some of the 'magic-eyes' work? Even on rooms on the same splitter...some work and some have no signal coming from the wall? (so its not the cables)

2. I'm paying £50 a month for the sky package including multi-room. Has anyone managed to get a decent cheap upgrade to HD (I've paid them enough bloody money over the years!) or is there a cheaper way to get multi-room etc like what i have now?




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1. No idea. Maybe because some of your Magic Eyes are connected to RF1 rather than RF2 - and only RF2 powers your Magic Eyes? Have you tried connecting the "faulty" Magic Eyes directly to the Sky box(es) rather than via splitters and cables, and make sure that they receive power that way. If they don't - the Magic Eyes are at fault. If they do - it's either your cabling or your splitters which are preventing the signal getting through.

2. If you haven't already bought a Sky HD box from Sky then your first one will be at the discounted price of £49. But you can't buy two at that price - the second will cost £199. And each one you buy will need to have the HD Pack attributed to it for at least twelve months. You would probably do better only replacing one of your Sky+ boxes with Sky+ HD - then you will still get your cheap HD box, but you will only be paying for one extra HD Pack on top of what you currently pay. And as the majority of your viewing sounds like it is done via RF connections to remote TVs, none of the tellies apart from the one in the same room as the HD box is going to be able to take advantage of any high definition output anyway.

So, your monthly sub will go up by a tenner a month, and you will have to pay £49 for the box plus any installation costs. If you're only paying £50 per month including multiroom, you're not even on the Sky World package. So don't expect them to consider you a high priority customer who they must bend over backwards to offer any cheap deals to.


Hi Broadz - thanks for that.

The magic eyes when connected to an aerial out in a room where it works are fine, but connected to others it doesn't. It doesn't matter where in the splitter box i put the connection either, the ones that work work and vica versa.

Does anyone know if you have to have a certain wall plate that allows signal to travel back or are they all the same??? Its the only thing i can think of?

Thanks on the HD...not sure it will be any use to me as you say I'm RF out across the house and the room with the box in is connected to the projector and gets used least!

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