Couple Of PC Related Questions


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Hi all

Currently my desktop is running a 1.7 P4 on an intel 850 with RDRAM and a 4x AGP socket. I have a really decent GeForce 4 Ti Golden Sample graphics card which I would like to keep.

If I buy a 800mhz FSB mobo with a 8x AGP socket can it take my Gainward graphics card? I was looking on Komplett and they are advertising a £.0 Ghz 800FSB CPU with an Abit 865 board and 512mb TwinMos memory for £270 all in. Sounds pretty good to me!

I can then flog what I have !

Other question has anyone seen the Linksys WiFi cam for sale in the uk as yet?




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You shouldn't have any problem. Sorry, shouldn't - you know, it being a PC! :laugh:

Converying anecdote and findings of review text, I can't be too specific - except to say that the only potential issue I am aware of with Abit's 865-chipset boards is the proximity of the AGP slot in relation to the RAM and PCI slots. In the worst case scenario, some AGP cards (or rather, their heatsink/fan units) can obscure the nearest PCI slot. It has also been noted that longer graphics cards can be rather close the the RAM slots, which may be important if you expect to make fairly frequent changes to your hardware setup. In this case, you'd have to remove the graphics card in order to insert a new DIMM into the RAM slot nearest to the video card. An inconvenience, to be sure; but less relevant if upgrades are far apart.

In terms of compatibility, as the first paragraph made an attempt to suggest, all should be well :smashin:

Hope that helps, Tone :)

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