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Hi guys,

Please forgive me if these have been asked already, but I did do a search, and couldn't seem to find any answers.

My old man very kindly (as per my request) gave me a Harmony 1000 for Christmas, and I've just got round to setting it up.

By and large it's working fine, but there a couple of things that could be better.

My TAG AV32R can be switched on just by pressing a relevant source button, and it then turns on and goes straight to that source, rather than powering on, waiting for the power up procedure, and then switching to the source required. Is there any way to make the Harmony do this i.e. not use the discrete power on code, but just select the source instead? It's not the end of the world if this can't be done, it just makes the start-up procedure a little quicker.

The other is slightly more annoying: I've got a Panasonic 32PD30, and selecting sources on it is proving rather trying. My important sources are AV1 (RGB) for Sky, and AV4 component (for my DVD player, Wii and PS2 - all connected up to an Audio Authority switching box). The Harmony just can't seem to select the correct AV source correctly - mainly because you have to "press" the AV button, then the corresponding coloured button. What's particularly annoying is if I've used e.g. Sky, then I ask it to switch to the Wii, and it goes back to the regular TV tuner (which is completely useless for me, as I have no aerial and only watch TV through the Sky box). As I said on the CRT TVs forum, on my old Sony Wega, I could assign a SCART socket to an actual channel number, and this would be ideal - can it be done on a Panny?

Thanks in advance,



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For the first question, go to "Settings" for the AVR device, then select "Power options". Select "A button for On, and a different button for Off". For the On command, assign a "bogus" command. ie a command that doesn't do anything for your system (you will usually find a few of these in the database...check in Device mode first). Assign the correct Power Off command for Off.

For the second...Panasonic TVs cause a lot of headaches for input switching. You might have to phone tech support to get them to set it up for you.

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