couple of 30 days free dvd rentals



Guest then click on Free DVD trials

Has got like 15 free dvd trials with offer codes, and codes to make some of them up to 30 days.

Screenselect are decent currently using 30 day trial fast service,
but make sure you make a big list so then you make the most of the trial. They send 3 dvds at a time in prepaid enveloped and you send back in the same envelope. Has a fast turnaround.

Havent got around to trying others out yet.

:nono: P.S. dont forget to return dvds and cancel before times if you dont want to keep the trial.


Video Island is another one. I've done 6 so far and not been charged a penny yet. Seen around 20 latest movies for free :)


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Thanks for this post. Exactly what I've been looking for to catch up on series like West Wing, Sopranos and Alias that I never got around to seeing the first time and don't want to buy the box sets without finding out if I like them or not.


lovefilm pretty good and they normally offer like another 2 week trial when you about cancel your trial ;)

But theres quite alot 16 thats quite alot trials to trial to get through :clap:

but some those listed there havent heard of like zoovies,cinemaparadiso :confused: dunno how good these are any 1 else tried these these companies?


Have tried Lovefilm and wasn't that impressed as I seemed to get only the lower order films on my list and the trial only allowed 2 films at a time. I am half way through a trial for Boxchoice and they allow 3 DVD's at a time and the turnaround has been quick, I also got my top 3 choices first. I am going to try them all as I've had around 15-20 on rental without paying a penny.


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It would be useful to have a list of all these internet based DVD rental companies along with ratings for things such as
Turnaround time
If they are out of stock of newly released DVDs etc


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I'm in my last week of a free trial with screenselect and although the turnaround has been very good, I am disappointed in what I've received. In 3 weeks I haven't received any first choice dvd's. I will not be renewing my subscription next week.

I also started a 2 week trial with videoisland and the turnaround has been very good, just slightly under that of the above. However I am receiving at least 2 first choice dvd's ina group of three at any one time. I think I will be continuing the subscription after the trial.

Hope this helps.


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Agreed Screenselect have a good turnaround but they have a habbit of not sending your first choice DVDs.

Lovefilm has a faster turnaround than Screen Select (i.e. you send your DVD back one day and receive your next DVD two days later). However they also have a habbit of not sending out your first choice DVDs and also do not send out series (i.e 24/Sopranos etc..) in order which can get very annoying.

Not tried any of the other ones yet.


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Half way through 30 days with Screenselect.

Selection. Truly awesome, its almost looks like Amazon. I tried em out on a couple of wierd choices. 1970's sci-fi (Slient Running) and 1915 class (Birth of a Nation) and both came through. I was a little suspicious that they advertise everything that has ever been released, and only buy when they have a request, but so far so good.

Turnaround. Very very good. With one exception they have despatched a replacement on the same day as a return arrived. 1st class post service all the way. And I am turning them over very quickly.

1st choices. I've got a lot of stuff in my selection list (I'm trying to maximise turnaround in the 30 days) so i'm not waiting for a specific title.

Quality. Variable. Somehave looked almost unplayed. At least one needed a thorough clean and polish to stop it skipping.

Value. Mute point, I'm not planning to subscribe anyhow.


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Hey, Stricko
I know this is slightly off topic, but did you use anything special to clean and polish the DVD's ?


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It's probably not a recommended route, but it's what I had lying on my desk at the time.

I used Boots spectacle lens cleaning solution and a lens cleaning cloth.

(Someone is now going to tell me that this will ruin the disks. I've got a CD repair kit just in case, but I'm loath to use that on anyone elses disks!)


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As an ex In-Movies member I was transferred to ScreenSelect.

All seemed ok for the first few weeks but they started taking between 24hrs to 3 days to send out the next DVD. When you then added on the frequent postal delay of 2-3 days I was often waiting a week for a replacement to arrive!!
When I complained they told me it was policy to allow upto 24hrs for the next dvd to be sent out.
So, I cancelled and opened an account with LoveFilm - much faster despatch so far.


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On the Screenselect question, anyone know why they have two separate return addresses?

Unfortunately I've not kept a record, but I suspect that one may be quicker to turnaround than the other. And if it is two separate sites/groups/systems? that may expalian the occasional turnaround glitch.

Me I'm still very happy with the service. They havn't screwed up for me yet.


Found screen select excellent whist doing the trial period but not so good once I subscribed (now cancelled) Loveifilm use to be DVDsontap but went down hill when they changed, urrently trying good service (possible not such a big company, judging by the packaging0

selection of others

1dvd – Two week free trial, can have up to 3 DVDs out at the same time

AnotherDVD - First month's rentals for only £4.99

BoxChoice – Free trial allowing you to rent out 3 DVDs simultaneously

Choices Erental - Free 14 day trial available now, you will be refunded payment if you cancel in the trial period

Cinema Paradiso – Free 15 day trial, have up to 3 DVDs out at once (£1 credit card processing and checking fee applies)

DVDs 365 – Free 14 day trial

DVD Showtime – 14 day free trial, have up to 3 DVDs out at once

DVD to me – Two week free trial

IN-DVDs - In-DVDs are currently offering a free, no obligation 14 day trial of their rental service

LOVEFiLM – 14 day free trial, can have up to 2 DVDs out at the same time

Mailbox Movies – Free 14 day trial, they also offer PlayStation 2 and Xbox games
Moviemine – Free 14 day trial, have up to 3 DVDs out at a time

Moviepigeon – Free 14 day trial, have up to 3 DVDs out at once
Qflicks - Free 2-week trial

Screen Select – Free 10 day trial, have up to 3 DVDs out simultaneously

Video Island - Currently offering a free 14 day trial which allows you to have 3 DVDs out at the same time

Webflix – Free rentals for 14 days. (£1 credit card processing and checking fee applies)


I'm currently trying out these 3 on Free trial:

dvds365 - 3 at a time 14.95 (will only send 1 at a time during trial though) So far had my 1 sent out the next day after registering. It was about 5th choice out of 25 so not bad

Videoisland - similar price for 3 (after 5 days my account has still not been processed so i'll give these a miss I think)

ScreenSelect - 3 at a time 14.95 a month and they sent out 3 from my top 5 after 2 days which is impressive. Although I've been a bit put off by some negative feedback on here...hmmmm


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Try Lovefilm mate, they are a bit better from my experience and they let you limit the DVDs on your list so I believe you'll have more chance getting the ones you want.


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I've been using Lovefilm for the past couple of weeks. Very fast turnaround. Not too bothered about what order they send them in as I wouldn't have put discs on my list if I didn't want them. The box set discs is likely to be a frustration however.


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Agreed about the box sets. Not being able to get them in the right order sucks. That is one area where Screenselect has an advantage.

Talking about screenselect. I seem to have found a way to keep the 30 day free trial going on the same e-mail address indefinitely. It's not so much a bargain but an exploit, so I'll let you figure it out for yourselves.

Doesn't take a rocket scientist.


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have to agree that these trails are an excellent way of trying out a company before you actually sign up and pay but dont really agree with BigMonty's comment about a way of 'exploiting' the companies. These companies are offering you the chance to get 20ish films per month for around £15 (not bad really) so is it really worth milking the free trials for longer than they should be?

Just my opinion,


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These companies should pay attention and make sure there is no way of exploiting them. With the method I used it was so damn obvious that they are just asking for trouble. But they are probably so busy having a hard time meeting the demand that they havn't had time to notice.

As to whether it's worth it? Sure it is. I can think of other things to spend £15 on a month on.

Drew C

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On the subject of boxsets: the only way of making sure you get them in order is by putting them on your list one by one.
When disc1 is sent, then put disc2 on your list, when disc2 is sent.............

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