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I'm on the verge of selling my current setup and while preparing everything for the bay I wanted to check my bookshelf speakers, so I connected them to my All-in-one Home Cinema, a Panasonic SC-BT100 and I discovered a sound color I've never heard coming from them.

Normally those speakers were connected to my Marantz SR7002 amp but I was never satisfied with them.
This morning during this stupid check I discovered a sound coming from them that opened up the speaker, of course the All-In-One is not supposed to work with them and is not up to the level of a proper amp but still it sounded better then my Marantz.
What I disliked most about listening to my setup was the fact that listening to a cd would become hard after a while, tough to explain, it was not relaxing. I know for example that I don't like Yamaha for that reason, the sound is to hard, not like Denon where the sound is more round and warm.

Is this due to the fact that the Marantz-Focal mariage is a no go for my ears?
I know that you have to find the proper marriage between amp and speakers, so what brand of AV amps should I be looking into then?

Sorry for not being very clear, not easy to explain ;)

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