Coupla questions on my new Sammy M87


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Hi, just received my new M87 (P7, so July build). Coupla immediate questions :

1. When I chose JustScan on HDMI input, BBC HD on my V+ box started jerking a bit, as soon as I swapped back to 16:9 it went away....why ?

2. On my old Sammy I'd set it up as 4:3 for my HDMI connection to V+. That way it would automatically switch between the 2 depending on what channel was on. i.e. it would be 4:3 most of the time on UK Gold, if I switched to BBC1 it would automatically switch to 16:9. This M87 does not appear to do that, which is annoying.

I'm hoping I'm doing something wrong ? I have yet to check the firmware version, or plug in and test freeview.

Help welcomed :)

EDIT: just checked f/w - I have 2000


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Hi Handsi

bought a 37M87 yesterday and connected to V+ box. On the v+ box what settings did you chose: 1080wide? I watch 1hour of bbc hd in 16/9 yesterday evening but did not have any problem. I'll try with the justscan option later.

I also have a P7 model made in Hungary


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Thanks gzed, let me last question, when I plug in my external speakers to Audio Out there's an almighty echo ! I shouldn't have to enable internal mute should I ? I didn't have to on my last Sammy....


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Anyone else please help - you can ignore question 1 now, as it must have just been a poor quality signal initially.

Questions 2 (Auto 4:3, 16:9), and question 3 (audio 'echo') are really bugging me.


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