counterstrike cz

seen adverts on the net for this title but was wondering what it was i have the hl generations pack is it worth me getting thistoo


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I remember reading about CS CZ in the summer of 2002 so is it actually finished? It was supposed to be improved graphically and add single player to CS. The half life engine is showing it;s age now, and there are bette single person shooters available.

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Yeah, this was due for release during the summer but the near finished code they sent out to reviewers got alot of negative comments along the lines of "this isn't counterstrike anymore, they've changed it too much"

So they pulled it back and made it just like before with updated graphics and new maps... it now seems they're getting better feedback...


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The new release got 83% in PC Zone, with the comment of "The game we were expecting 8 months ago".


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Got 75% in Pcgamer with "Brilliant bots turn a potentially lame offering into a solid single-player game"
I feel there are a lot better offerings that have been released (ravenshield) or are about to be (far cry) that will give a better gaming hit.
Counter strike is getting a bit long in the tooth now imo. But if it gets an update a la half life 2 engine then I'll be first in the que:)

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