Counterfeit goods bought but Ebay allowing seller to continue selling these fakes..!


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I recently bought some LG dual play glasses on Ebay but was sent some fakes, they came with no box, documentation and the glasses didn't have any LG printing on them but the seller denies they are fakes. I've had LG confirm it themselves, apparently Ebay is awash with these fakes.

Finally the seller has agreed to refund me but I'm still gonna lose out because I'm gonna have to use recorded delivery sending them back because I don't trust the seller and despite me reporting him to Ebay for selling counterfeit goods...he's still selling them! .

Have Ebay got bigger fish to fry?... or is it because they are profiting and unless the manufacturers themselves report the seller/item they couldn't really give a monkeys?

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if you have written confirmation from LG that they are fake call paypal. they will want to see this. they will get you to sign paperwork and destroy the glasses. you get your money. seller gets nothing


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I've had fake DVD's on eBay a few times in the past

- 1st lot were shocking, blatant pirate car boot style copies. Seller argued they werent fake (seriously, poor cover printing, ultra slimline cases and the DVD's themselves had the cheapo printed covers on). Seller had sold hundreds of these so why he only had 2 negs I'll never know! he got banned in the end but he was a real scum bag and was forcing me to send back recorded

- 2nd was Die Hard 4.... possibly the best counterfeit I've ever seen, I only spotted it cause of the slightly dodgy printing on rear of case. Guy admitted it on email and refunded me straight away and told me to keep it

Now with the 1st one I got on to eBay, I also rang his local police force for advice etc and all round they said same thing. DO NOT SEND THE ITEMS BACK.

Counterfeits are not to be returned, get on to paypal, send evidence over, get your money back and then destroy the item OR send to local TS agency (if they are interested)


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In the early days of DVD I noticed an Ebay seller advertising complete seasons of some US TV shows which had not been released anywhere and were clearly counterfeit. I contacted Ebay about this and they did nothing. More than a week later the seller was still advertising his knock-off DVD's. I decided to email Paramount who held the licenses for most of the shows and within an afternoon the sellers account had been shut down.


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Yeah the No1 guy was trading for at least another 6 months

campy mccamper

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I got stung with a fake dvd copy of SAW 2 a few years ago. It was just a dvd in a plastic sleeve, no attempt was even made to make it look like the retail copy.


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yeah if ebay or paypal are asking you to send it back you havent processed your claim in the right way.


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I got stung by these very same fake items bought on Ebay. I complained, sent them back and got refunded, (wish I'd known about how paypal would deal with them though ^) I then bought another set from another seller and they were fake too! :suicide: I was spitting feathers by this point. :mad::mad::mad:
In the end I bought a pair of Fullview3D dual plays and they rock, I wish I'd just bought them in the first place! :thumbsup:


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My advice on the two scenarios

General - if seller isn't refunding the return postage, don't send back, wait until the period to escalate (think it is 5 days) has expired, escalate explaining to eBay that you will be out of pocket because of the high cost of tracked\recorded return postage and eBay will resolve it for you.

Fake - likewise, don't send back. Report to PayPal but also escalate to eBay explaining that the item is fake and it should be dealt with differently. eBay will resolve.

In a recent claim, for a very low value item where the cost of returning was going to be as much as the item, I explained all this in my original dispute text. eBay appeared to ignore this and came came with the standard 'return the item' and an electronic fom that you have to complete including the tracking number (indicating that eBay mandates return by tracked mail). I telephoned them unhappy, especially as this was in clear breach of the DSR. eBay more or less said that the first response was practically automatic and little attempt is made to read the text so what I should do is escalate it.




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Another old thread bump in the name of spam.


Not Nigel's post, the one before that is now history.
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