Mad Mr H

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This is very strange.......

Usually go into the installation menu,

press opt

the last one says "working time", below memory


at the weekend I tryied to check a 400HT I have here and it did not show the hours.

This is strange as I am trying to sell it and cant give this info.

(I have 5 other selecos here and they ALL show the hours)

Are you having the same trouble ???

I will check again BUT 3 of us here tried and could not get them to show.


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no but do you have any ebay account selling them as people on here have been saying that alot to my lately
thank you

Peter Parker

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A wild guess: Do you have to have an input active for the counter to be available? On some pjs the menu isn't always available unless you have a signal going to it.

MMH - any idea what is different about that pj compared to the others that might give a clue why it isn't showing the hours?


Mad Mr H

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Gary - A well educated guess but this time no prize! You should be able to see the "working time" without any input.

I have proved this on 5 Selecos within the last 4 days.

The input usually gives stability to the cross hatch pattern.

Attached is a pic of the 400HT menu , at the bottom should be "working hours", (its 1am and I am not going to get another one out of its box! but all the others show "working time")

Now one currently for sale elsewhere (not mine) has the hours listed.

I am sure it should show up, not sure why it does not.

I spoke to Chris about this and am looking into it.
(we have one idea!)

Keep watching.......

tech838 - what prompted you to ask this?


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AD Roser

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I think you have a unit with an earlier version of the software. If i remember correctly the working time was missing on the first release of software.


Snap! Software release 1.41 and no 'hours run' meter. Was beginning to think there was a menu hidden somewhere that I just couldn't find.


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