Could you recommend me an HTML editor to build my website


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I'm not planning on doing anything too exciting, just a web page with links to pics for the family, and to make it easier to post pics and things here.

I understand xml, but assume it would be easier to build a site with a free product.

Ideally, I'd like a product that can open my HTML, let me edit in a user friendly manner, and then generate HTML from it (rather than a product that uses it's own file types, and controls how I upload the data to the web).



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Strange as this may sound... I use Notepad, Windows' built in text editor. That way your HTML code doesn't get bloated with needless crud.


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notepad for me too... a bit tricky for absolute beginners, but as mentioned leads to lovely tiny pages, totally free of the BS most editors litter with.

If you want a freeware visual editor, I sometimes use one called Acehtml(?)

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Just finished a web design OU course, they told us to use Netscape, but I found Microsoft Front Page much easier (shame, not a Gates fan!)
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I've never had any proper training but i managed to get some very reasonable results using macromedia dreamweaver. Worth a try, can download a free trial somewhere


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I'd also vote for Dreamweaver

You can try it for free for 30 days, or buy it if you're flush.

It's a great WYSIWYG package.

You can design the page as you'd like to see it, and then switch to developer mode and edit the code there and then, and then preview the changes.


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Not exactly answering the question you asked but:

You could always use one of the free web based hosting sites. That way you do not have to bother with HTML at all. Your options are limited to their templates but they are far better that they used to be. I use msn spaces. It is a very impressive IE based drag and drop page design (must be using activeX I suppose). I set up my web page with photo, blog and profile in less than thirty minutes.

Just another option...

p.s. and that was my 100th post. Whether they have been a good thing or not for avforums is a debatable question.


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Dreamweaver gets my vote also...FrontPage I haven't used for a few generations but it seemed to produce code which didn't like working in non IE browsers.

Cheers, Lee


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Dreamweaver is the best WYSIWYG package IMO. However, I only use it for handcoding. For a free version of a fantastic editor try Notepad++. Colour coded syntax and auto complete as well as macro funtions.


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That looks like a good HTML editor, thanks.

But it still means you'd have to build the site by writing HTML doesn't it? I'd like a front end (eg word style) where I could type text, links, move them where I want, input an image, and then let it create the HTML. 1stPge doesn't allow that does it?

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give coolpage a look.... ?? :)

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