Could use a bit of help with Sr4200.


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I decided to treat myself to a new reciever today so I went out a bought the Marantz SR4200.
I've connected everything and gone through and set it up but I'm unsure what to do about channel levels, this is my first 5.1 reciever, the other was Pro-Logic.

They are currently at the default of 0db.
Am I right in thinking the important thing is to make sure they're all at the same volume when I'm listening (or using an SPL meter), or is there a specific (relative) level to set them at?
I'm not currently using a sub btw.



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Yes you need to set them so they all sound equal to you when you are in your prime listening position. You can do this by using an SPL meter (more accurate) or by ear. If you are setting them by using an SPL then first select test tones then set main volume to 0 and set your SPL meter to the 70 scale, sitting in the listening position, position the SPL just above your head pointing upwards (not towards the speaker has the manual may state). Now it gets a bit tricky because the test tones on this amp don't stay on any one speaker very long but alter the level of each speaker until the meter shows around +5, I found that I couldn't get every speaker exactly at +5, so just get them has near has dam it and has close to each other has possible. That’s it and it’s the same process if setting by ear except you will just have to judge it by listening very carefully and unless you are really lucky you will be miles out against an SPL meter.

Make sure you do this during the day and don't forget to reduce your master volume before you turn the test tones off otherwise you are going to get the shock of your life when you return to normal sound which is very loud with your master volume set at 0 db.

Ps. don't bother trying to set the sub up when/if you get one using an SPL meter has these low cost meter's are not very good with LFE.

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