could someone please recommend me....



... a router that is both wireless and wired as i would like to get my wii online wirelessly and my xbox 360 online wired, and im not too sure about compatibility,
thanks in advance.:smashin:


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I have an ageing Linksys WAG54G(v1.2). My 360 is connected wired, the Wii, laptops & DS all connect wirelessly.

Pretty solid, has it's temperamental moments occasionally with the initial wireless pick-up but I understand the newer versions are much improved so would get my recommendation.


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The Netgear routers are pretty good with wired and wireless access. Personally, having set up quite a few different brands, they're the easiest to set up as well


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Make sure you get a router that is specific to your type of internet connection whether it be cable or ADSL as they require different types of routers.

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