Could someone please list all the ADDITONAL things I will need with my Plasma?


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I'm new to all this, so please be gentle :D

My research has suggested (I want a 37" screen) to go towards the Panny TH37PW7B (max spend on screen looking at £1500). However, although I know very little, I'm not so naive to think this is all i'm going to need to get the most out of it. Could someone please give me a quick answer to the following questions??

1. I've already got SKY (not SKY+), which I intend to hook up. Is this a atraightforward process? Any additional connectors other than the SCART supplied with my SKY box required? Anythig I should buy to imrpove picture quality?

2. I have a Phillips DVD player, about 16 months old. I intend to buy a new surround sound sysyetm with the plasma which I guess will include a new DVD player (they tend to come as a package don't they?) WIll £500 here suffice? Is it simply a case of using the leads which come with the sound system and putting it straight into the sockets on the Plasma? Anything else I should buy here?

3. People say they get this TV with a "SCART box". What's all this about? Is the necessary?

4. What's all this about "Progresive Scan" boxes/units?

5. I intend to hang the unit on the wall. Any brackets I should avoid/look out for?

6. I intend to hook my Gamecube up to the screen. Does this have any implications?

Thanks for taking the time to read this - even if you could just answer a couple of the questions that would be great :thumbsup:


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Dont skimp on wall bracket........
see the plasma FAQ and the £2k to spend thread, I would suggest you consider the PIONEER VCXS402 AV amp and some speakers (£500) and get the plasma with either a scart board or a JS RGB>VGA conveter and use the 402 to switch inputs into the screen

Another oprion is an AV AMP that will switch component (at least 2 inpuits) use a panny E55/65 DVDR to convert sky to component (also records and does live pause etc like Sky+) and get component cable for GC
(AMP already connected to screen via optional component board)
As for speaker I reconmend Canton CD1 for small 5.1 with a big sound

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