Question Could someone lend me a Umic for a few days?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by SteffMarinov, Jun 21, 2015.

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    Hi guys,

    Been playing around with my custom subs, yesterday with a lot of help from @mojogoes (actually just following his instructions ;) ) managed to achieve a fairly flat response according to the REW graphs.

    Now I am a professional musician, Ive done a fair bit of studio and live sound engineering and what I hear from my subs now is anything but flat. Sounds way too hot in the 70-110Hz range (roughly), a bit boomy and with way too much "growl".

    Now Mojo was just instructing me via the phone, he couldn't hear the actual results, but he indeed helped me get the graphs to a very flat readings.

    Which leaves me with the only possibility for a mistake - maybe my measuring mic isn't right? I am using a Superlux ECM999, I couldn't find a calibration file for it anywhere on the net. My sound card is a Lexicon Lambda which I've calibrated in REW.
    Maybe the mic is giving me incorrect readings?

    Is anyone willing to lend me his Umic - I will use it for a couple of days to set up the subs and compare it with the Superlux. Happy to pick up from London or pay postage... If collecting in person, will bring it back with a 4 pack of your favourite lager :).

    Thanks in advance,

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