Could someone help me understand this?


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Im comparing the frequency response between my new b&w rears and my old Mordaunt short speakers. I dont really understand it-could someone translate these frequency responses please:

the MS: frequency response 120-20k

The b&w: Frequency range -6dB at 63Hz and 42kHz (monopole mode)

-6dB at 63Hz and 15kHz (dipole mode)
Frequency response 85Hz – 22kHz ±3dB on reference axis (monopole mode)

85Hz – 10kHz ±3dB power averaged over front hemisphere (dipole mode)


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What is it you don't understand?

As to the dB references, for all intent and purpose -3dB is essentially flat. Minus 6dB is down a slight but noticeable amount, and is still considered usable frequency response.

In speakers in general, and I'm speaking of speaker for stereo music listening, 60hz and below in bookshelf speakers is preferred and the farther below the better. In floorstanding, you want 40hz or below.

However, for small satellite speakers, 100hz on the low end is not uncommon.

For rear or side speakers there is room for more compromise as we assume the deep bass is going to the Subwoofer. For side/rear speakers, 80hz to 120hz it probably tolerable. However, many find that larger full range speakers at the side/rear are an improvement, but it is down to budget and personal choice.

To put some perspective on those frequencies, the lowest note an a standard 6 string guitar is 80hz, and the lowest note on a standard bass guitar is 40hz.

As to on axis and off axis; on-axis means directly in line with and in front of the speaker. Off axis mean off to the side or off the center line of the speaker. Tweeters tend to beam, that is, the project sound in a very narrow field. The farther off axis you are, the less treble you get. Though within ±30° of the center line is considered the working range. Within ±15° of the center line is considered uncompromised.

Again, I'm not really sure what you are asking, perhaps the answer is in my rambling, then again ... perhaps not.


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