could someone from arcam please look in

its hard to explain over the phone i was hoping to show them the pics.

thanks for number , i will wait to see if anyone sees this tread from arcam, and maybe phone them end of week.
cheers robocop

problem fixed, well not yet need to go back to arcam for a mod, its a known fix , something to do with sheliding.
just got my dvd player back from arcam , no differance at all with the progressive scan output interferance all over the screen. on interlased its fine , but always was.

not very happy , if its got to go back again i hope they will pay postage this time :( :( :( :( .

not sure if anything has been done to it. no updated driveware? not sure if there is one, but mine is still on lt76


how are you getting on with your problem.
update from arcam they picking it up on wed. they paying postage and hopefully sort the problem out.

so fingers crossed.
Originally posted by jmack
...but mine is still on lt76

Latest firmware for the DV88+ is now LT78, have just had mine upgraded today.

As far as I know the newer f/w resolves an issue playing a particular Celine Dion CD etc.

Latest software for DV88+ is 4.18.0, there's another thread which discusses what this updates...
small update.

arcam have been testing my player i say they cannot see the problem as it passed there tests?:( :( :(

everyone i have showed can see it on mine ... . its seems a few people here have or had this problem with different results from arcam . either been told its not the dvd player or had the player replaced.

:( :( :( :(
I had the same problem about a year ago with my 88+ on a panny 5.Tried several diffrent machines with diffrent plasma's and all had the problem only some were worse than others.
In the end i payed an extra 600 for the 27+ and never had a problem
I had similar problems a while back; this is how I fixed them.

DV88+ progressive on Sim2 DMF

Replaced power supply (most likely not needed)
latest software/firmware
upgraded progressive scan board to Sil503 (lovely)

this fixed half the problems

replaced input box (progressive board was faulty)

this fixed more of the problems

upgraded component cable (lovely)

this fixed the rest of the problems

While I don't have a panny and my problems were the sum of yours and more - I did in the end fix it. Have you tried swapping out your component cables and also plugging your DV88+ into another source that accepts progressive?

i have tried 3 different component cables and the result is all the same. i have tried my dvd player on another plasma with same result, and i have tried a different dvd player on my plasma with progressive scan and its all fine.

i`m not paying for a upgrade to the sil chip set. arcam are having trouble seeing what i`m seeing:( :( :( :(

will keap you all posted.
When you tried it on another plasma was it the same type or another type?

it was a 5 series panasonic and mine is a clone of the 4 series.

arcam have been testing my player with a 5 series panasonic . but say they cant see the problem:( :( :(
small update

arcam phoned they have been testing my player and in there words there was a slight devation from the specs. so they have changed some board.

they could still could not see the problem though, and if its still there when i get it back tomorrow i have been told its not the player at faullt......

its strange that i have seen it on 2 seperate plasma`s and my cheap £45 dvd player does not show it :( :( :(

will reserve judgement till tomorrow , i hope its sorted and can get back to enjoying films and cd`s:D :D :D .

but if its not fixed its tuff
hm, what about pluggin in another DV88+ and seeing if it has the same problem?

Where are you located?


oh well, if you had been in my area (Richmond, Surrey) we could have tried my DV88+...

good luck, I hope it works out for you

update just got my dvd player back and all seems fine.

been looking for the dot crawl and cant see it on progressive scan.

i think they change some board in it.

but we got there in the end and i`m happy:D :D :D :D

big thanks to matt frost for sorting it out

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