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Could somebody please clarify which is the latest Denon 3910 firmware?


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Thanks - do I need to use all the files on that page, i.e. Cd1, 2 & 3? Bit confusing as they are all dated differently!

armchair bri

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Thanks - do I need to use all the files on that page, i.e. Cd1, 2 & 3? Bit confusing as they are all dated differently!

You will have to download all three and install in correct order
cd1 backend software,
cd2 system software,
cd3 IEEE1394 software,
The instructions tell you to initialize the player first then insert cd1, after update the drawer will open remove cd1 insert cd2 power off via small power button (not via standby) power on drawer will close, the same will happen for cd3,when cd3 has finished drawer opens take disc out power off small button then on,the drawer will close you now need to initialize the player again,as the instructions are in french the only thing that has changed from when i was doing my 3910 is initializing at the start,But if you are still unsure i would check with your local denon office,Note while the player is updating do not touch any control as the drawer will open after every update,



To upgrade from 6609-E to 8280-1; is it necessary to install the three cd's, or is it enough to install only the first one -cd1-?

My question is because I've installed only cd1 -as I was already at 6609-E and DL3 was operative-, and I'm not sure if it's enough or not (I did no initialization either).

Anyway, everything seems to work correctly.


Prior to upgrade I had:

ESS 6609-E
Make day 902D
DRV 030825
System 6767-5
Dsp 6770
C 20041028


ESS 8280-1
DRV 051208
SYSTEM 6767-5
DSP 6770
C 20041028

Thanks and regards.

armchair bri

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Bit of background for you the upgrade for the denon link 3 was,
ESS 6609-B,
DRV 030825,
SYS 6767-5
DSP 6770,
CD1 VER.6609-B. CD2 VER,6767-5. CD3 VER,ER1028.
For this upgrade you did not have to initialize,according to the denon service information sheet I have, As you can see the ver, type forCD2/3 has not changed but that's not to say the data on the latest download has not,Also the instructions for initializing has moved to after download to befor/after, so if in doubt just do everything, If cd2/3 data is the same the dvd player will overwrite, hope this helps and if anyone knows different please correct this, Brian.


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8280-1 contains the DL3 as well so just install all 3 discs, and as Brian says, it will just overwrite. I did it and everything is fine, although I did have to make it MR again using the codes.


Thanks Brian and Witters.

I've just done the complete fw upgrade -with the 3 cd's and both initializations-.
It works fine.


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