Could somebody give me some suggestions please?


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I just bought a new 32" LCD and built a HTPC, now I'd like to get some decent sound to back it all up.

Firstly I should say that I'm not into big flashy bits of kit and I absolutely hate wires and un-necessary boxes. So beaing that in mind I've decided to only have two fronts and a sub??? (I think??)

I'm sure someone will shoot me for saying this but my ideal setup would be a sub with an inbuilt amp feeding two picture type speakers, however I suspect to get anything half decent that would cost a fortune.

Now onto budget, I'm thinking around £500, however if everyone says thats unrealistic then ok, just means I'll have to save a little longer.

I'd be grateful for any suggestions which will give me a nice rich sound mainly for music and watching TV.



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I'd go 5.1 everytime over 2.1.
It's just a much better sound, IMO, certainly more involving :smashin:

I know you don't like boxes and wires, but £500 would buy you a decent setup,IMO.
A £200 amp and 4 speakers, hence dumping the sub perhaps ??????

Only a suggestion :smashin:


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i think £750 gets you Monitor Audio's Radius 45 cubes and 360 sub as a 5.1 package...

small cubes, reasonable sub, not sure but i think the sub can power the cubes...but dont quote me on

but will mean some cabling.....s'up to you, might be worth checking out :)


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i would get 5.1 every time.

i have just bought a pio d915 amp for £238, and a full set of celestions for £420 (which sound amazing). plus a bit extra for cables etc. I dont like cables either, but I went with some gale hyper HYPERLITZ which is flat and white, then tucked this between carpet and skirting board, and you can hardly notice it.


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I doubt your gonna find any flat speakers that sound that good, if your main interest is music then 2.1 is fair enough, but you don't like boxes? Are you a rare bread of man or a woman?



Is £500 the total budget (amp as well as speakers)?
And when you say music and TV, how much of that includes DVDs?

Either way, I disagree with what's been said - a 5.1 system is definitely not essential, it's only use is for DVDs obviously, and even then on your budget a stereo system is going to blow away a 5.1 system. Essentially you get three times the quality of sound.

Go stereo! Second hand!


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Hi there,
I'd say that you're likely to be disappointed in the quality of 5 speakers and an amp for £500, bear in mind that the 5.1 route also takes the cost of reasonable speaker cabling from c£20 to more like £100. I am more of a hiFi than a surround sound boy, but I have recently taken the plunge and found that to get a good surround sound system (ie one that compares with a reasonable HIFI on music, would mean c £250 on amp, £400 on speakers and £75-100 on leads, and then you won't get really good deep base.

Bear in mind that good stereo speakers with base start at around £300!
If you opt for the quality stereo route you can also get a stereo amp as opposed to a surround amp, something like the NAD 320 BEE and the kef I Q 5 is a serious hi fi system, you should get the lot and some cable for £500 ish, try
The only drawback with the amp approach is that you won't be able to add aditional speakers later.


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If you want movies mainly and a little bit music, i.e. not intent enjoyment but in the background while you do something. The yamaha sound projector may be right for you depending on your room ect... You would need to get a sub for the full effect though, say add circa 200 for a BK sub will certainly do for moderate sized rooms.

The ysp-800 has 22 speakers is £500ish and is able to actualy send sound around a room, get your self a demo of a properly set up one and you may be supprised, it is thin will fit under a mounted flatscreen.

Otherwise if music is import to you and you could sacrifise the sourround effect for better mains then a strait stereo set would blow out pretty much any (even flagship) av amps.

The nad320bee is ideal for easily driven speaker and many say it gives the best sound from all tha nad amps (its the cheapest too) or go for the 352 or 370 if you want more demanding speakers, anything with an efficency of 90db/m/w or above is considered efficent and easy to drive. With a setup for £500 you can be made happy musicaly, on the otherhand when it comes to a 5.1 or more set up someone but it nicely before that you have to X your budget by 3 as your increasing the number of speakers and amp requirents by that much to get a similar system.


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amusingly, if recorded right, any stereo pair of speakers can place sounds behind

try the recent De La Soul best of album......cant remember which track now, but one of them has their voices bouncing around from front to back......

and dont tell me i had Pro Logic switched on, this is a stereo hifi amp and CD player with only one pair of speakers hooked


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Maybe you were using the new LSD plugin or magic mushroom mode :p only kidding, although i'd have to hear it my self i can sort of beleive it, although why don't they do it for the 2.1 DD sound track that is usauly on with the movies? (laziness and money come to mind but it would be a selling point)


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lol....i know it sounds odd, but im sure it cant just be me....

i'll find the track name, someone else grab it and see if it does it....heh.....if it doesnt oh boy am i gonna book myself into an ENT clinic....

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