Could Skys 'red dot' do any damage to my Plasma?

Jon Weaver

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I just got back from a business trip and came back to find my wife watching "Big Brother Live" on E4.

Apparantly, she has been doing this a lot over the last few days.

To my horror, I noticed the 'Red Dot' at the top right of the screen.. Fortunatly, it hasn't done any damage, but I am wonder how long it would have to be there to burn the screen.

Its not like a 'dog' which is transparant, the 'red dot' is solid in colour.

Saying that, there are ad breaks ever so often, so the dot isn't ALWAYS there.

After whiching a VERY large rear projection TV in my hotel bar all week, which has been destroyed by them running CNN all day, I am a little paranoid about this.

Is there a real risk of an on-screen logo doing any harm??


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If you press the red dot on your sky remote,and 'back-up' on the remote at the same time ,you will remove it,until you change channels.Advert breaks do not bring it back.

Jon Weaver

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Already know about the backup button, but the worry I have is that it could just be there and someone could forget to press backup.. They could even be out of the room, leaving the Plasma on.

The 'red dot' isn't normally a problem, as we only usually watch things from the Sky+ HD, but it worries me how easy I could do damage.

Jon Weaver

Distinguished Member
I thought about using my Pronto to do just that. But there is a MAJOR problem.

If you were doing anything in the EPG at the same time as the 'backup' code gets sent, you would get chucked out.

This might be a good idea for a while.. But I would get EXTREMELY p**sed off after a while

Its worse with Sky+.. 'Backup' will stop playing anything you are watching from the Hard-Drive, which in my case would be 95% of the time.

So, unfortunatly, this won't work.

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