Could really use help, struggling to get advice, looking to buy my first home theater setup with roughly $1,700. Which options?


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I'm new to all of this and struggling to get more than the occasional scattered response on different forums, I'm excited to say I have my first theater room with a projector and now I need audio. I have a budget that I've increased to $1,700 ish (I was told I'd get a lot more than $1,300ish) and I want a 5.1 system right off the bat, and need full specific product recommendations, I want to buy asap because I'm ridiculously excited lol. So I'm asking different forums what the best setup would be for roughly $1,700 (maybe give or take a hundred or so) and I'm compiling a list of recommendations so far.

Can you tell me if these are good options, which you'd pick, and if I'm missing any better options? Again, I'm hoping to keep this under $2,000.

AVR/main unit:
Option 1: Denon X1600H, $600 - AVR-X1600H (2019)


Option 1: Emotiva C1, $250 - Airmotiv C1+ Center Channel Loudspeaker
Option 2: Emotiva C2, $400 - Airmotiv C2+ Center Channel Loudspeaker
Option 3: HTD Level THREE center, $250 - HTD Level THREE Center Channel Speaker

Front left and right speakers:

Option 1: Emotiva T-Zero, $400 - Emotiva Airmotiv T-Zero loudspeakers
Option 2: Emotiva B1, $300 - Airmotiv B1+ Pair Bookshelf Loudspeakers

Surrounds rear left and right:

Option 1: NHT Superzero 2.1, $70 each - Link from Amazon
Option 2: Micca MB42x, $90 each - Link from Amazon
Option 3: HTD Level THREE $380 for the pair - HTD Level THREE Bookshelf Speakers

Again, I have pretty little knowledge about these so if I'm missing a better option that still sticks to my sub $2,000 budget, please let me know.

I can't wait!


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I assume you have done plenty of research for Emotiva speakers. They are less popular in UK cause of the limited availability. If you didn´t know this is UK based forum and if you google there is owner thread for Emotiva speakers in US forum assuming you want to learn directly from owners.

For receiver you should check does your local Costco have Yamaha TSR-700 model available for 399$. If there is still one in stock, buy it instantly! If sticking with Denon you could get refurbished X1600H for 450$ with 1year warranty (3 normally). You can also pay to get the additional 2years for the warranty, personally i would pay it for peace of mind. Still cheaper than the price you mentioned. If spending 600$ there is newer (2020) higher spec models like Yamaha RX-V6A which is step up from X1600H with the latest 8K hdmi 2.1 inputs etc.

You haven´t posted any information about your room, can you post some quick drawing/floorplan/pictures with dimensions and tv/couch position.

Also you didn´t mention subwoofer which you are going to need! But you are very lucky as you have great amount of options there in US.

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