Question Could Onkyo TX-RZ710 be a good replacement? Other suggestions?



I have a Yamaha RX-V1500(RMS 8 ohm 120w) connected to Monitor Audio RS(8) surround system that I like alot but the problem is that it is missing HDMI input, I do have a HDMI switch to the TV but it is not a good solution.

In our main room I got a Yamaha RX-A1020(RMS 8 ohm 110W) that I like but feels a bit underpowered for my Monitor Audio RX(8) speaker system.

I found a Onkyo TX-RZ710(RMS 6 ohm 175 w) for 540 EUR and thats about half of what it use to cost here in Sweden. I do not really understand the power but it seems like it is even stronger then the RX-V1500?

I do like the sound Yamaha is producing but thay are much more expensive. These can be hade for about 540 EUR :

Yamaha RX-V781
Yamaha RX-A660
Yamaha RX-V681
Yamaha RX-V779
Yamaha RX-A850 (640 EUR)
Yamaha RX-A730 (640 EUR)

Pleas, help me decide what to go for.
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