Could anything possibly be bad about Modern Warfare 2?

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Obviously critics will find something to nitpick about the game, but can you guys think of anything that could possibly be bad about this game? Call of Duty 4 was perfect as it is, apart from the odd multiplayer issue, and now they're going to be improving on everything that CoD4 was criticised for and are adding a bunch of new features which are all fantastic ideas. If they've got those things covered, what can go wrong? Stupid, annoying American kids don't count ;).
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of course there could be, cod4 isnt perfect. the fact that the game isnt out and no-one hs played it limits the depth of this answer though


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the campaign will be to short.
online issues, glitching etc.

cod4 is far from perfect anyway.


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It's an unimaginative vanilla military FPS. It's been done a million times before. I'd be very surprised if they manage to get it wrong.

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I thought the whole point of critics was to CRITICise what is wrong with the game....

COD 4 wasnt perfect - it is a really good game, the single player was too short and the online game was sometimes full of cheats, but to judge any game as perfect is a tad silly.....I remember back in the early 80s playing Starquake and thinking `this game is perfect - there is no way anyone can ever make a game better than this`

If I had a time machine I would go back to that time with an ipod showing videos of the latest games out now...and tell myself not to set fire to that field :eek:

Games will only get better and better.

Enjoy what we have now and dont worry about what is coming in the future.


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bad things happening for pc users of the game alredy! IW sayin they arent goin to be supporting dedicated servers so no clan matches and what not.. also no punkbuster.. they're gonna be usin steam and VACS as the anti cheat.


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the price:)


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I think you're right.

The only thing I can see about this being crap is the MP. There is always the chance that too much change will be a bad thing. Dual attachements could really screw things up imagine M16 silenced with ACOG, UAV Jammer and Dead Silence (if you can do that) it could be very hard at the start to find them.


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The only possible thing I reckon that could even remotely be classed as negative might be the sheer amount of choice of weapons and perks available in this game in multiplayer. So far we`ve probably only seen a fraction of whats available so I imagine some people might actually say there`s too much choice! Not me though, I can`t wait! :devil:

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Best to discuss any issues with MW2 when we know what they are. this thread is posting for the sake of posting IMO.:)
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Give the guy a break everyone :nono: :rolleyes:

Atleast he posted something Call Of Duty Related :rotfl: :smashin:

Mondays Suck By The Way :(



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