Question Could anyone help me to find this song?


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Hello everyone, i'd like to ask for some help to find me this one song that i dont remember, but here's the plot:

The guy is in home (is after his day at work i guess). First when hes opens the doors washes his face or grabs beer from the fridge (im not sure which one is first), second hes going to the living room as i guess, and he looks thru the window, and in sight he sees women (shes in different building but its standing in the across the street, and its shes not quite high as the guys apartment is. So guy stares at the female as she's undressing herself and listening music i think with her headphones. And sudenelly shes turning around to the window and sees the guy. Guy catches her look and closes the curtens and goes to watch TV, after drinking the beer, hes getting another which in the fridge and he sees her again in the fridge (like mini her) and he takes the beer, and closed the fridges door. he backs to the TV again, drink some more and fell's asleep, in his dream he sees that women again but now there's like 6 of em or so all of em dances around him in his apartment and after that he wakes up, looks out the window is where he saw the her first time, but the curtans are closed and nothing is there. the song itself is from 2006-2009 or i think.
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