Could a fimware upgrade enable BD/DVD bookmarks to be saved?


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One thing that's really irrtating me about the PS3 is it's inability to remember where I was last watching a disc. I've tried exiting to the XMB etc before shutting down the console and it still doesn't remmeber.
I can't see why it wouldn't be possible to save this info (and any user bookmarks) to the hard disk so it can be remember poperly - a firmware upgrade should be able to enable this shouldn't it? And I think we should all be clamouring for this feature in a 'media centre' machine - so clamour! :D


if you don't turn the PS3 off, it remebers, just click X on the icon.



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If a standalone player doesn't have this function then I don't see why Sony would add it to the PS3 that's what scene selection is for.


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Stand alone players do have this function - or the good ones at least - my panny dmr ex75 remember the last disc position with no problems. Any PC DVD player has a bookmark facility.
Even if they didn't, sony should do it because it should be easy to implement and would be a valuable feature for those of us who don't get the chance to watch a whole film in one go, and don't want to spend ages flicking through tiny scene selection previews (a lot of which look very similar) until they can remember where in the film they were.
It's still early days, 360 has been out over a year, and is still missing things like bookmarks.

What Sony have added in the short time since release, I would expect the machine to a totally different beast this time next year...

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