Coulax Magneto Bluetooth Sports Headset review


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These sports earphones are an in ear design coupled together by a short connecting cable. Included are the earphones, micro USB cable, a well-illustrated user guide, two pairs of silicon tips and a storage bag. Build quality feels good for the money - the plastic construction feels sturdy and provides a light feel which is important for a sports design.

The housings connected to each earphone is over sized to house the electronics and controls leaving the cable free of any obstructions or components to weigh it down other than a slim line control unit with microphone. The 100mAh battery is rated for around 8 hours of playback and takes approximately 2 hours to recharge. The controls are easy to find and operate and some double up functions such as the + and - buttons which can be tapped for track skipping or held down to control volume. The multifunction button on the flip side of the control unit controls power, play / pause and call answering. The right ear piece contains the micro USB charging port, hidden away behind a small rubberised door for protection. The two earphones are connected by a flat audio cable that measures in at 50cm.

The shape of the actual ear housings seem a little strange at first but that is as much to do with the unique magnetic docking feature. This allows you to quickly snap the two ear pieces together when not being used to form a form of neckband keeping them safely on your person. This is a surprisingly handy feature when at the gym and saves you having to carefully balance them around your neck or left tangled up in a pocket.

Bluetooth pairing is easy, simply turn them on and they will enter pairing mode with no PIN required during my testing. They reconnect quickly when Bluetooth is turned back on after a period without use and they also feature power saving whereby they will turn off after a short period with no connection. There is a small LED on the control unit that displays the status of pairing and battery level.

As always, I always recommend 'burning in' for a good 10 hours or more by leaving the earphones connected to an audio source with a variety of music. Dynamic drivers such as these typically sound a little different after this process and will give their final sound. In truth though, these did not change too much after burning in which is no bad thing as they already sounded good out of the box - I was surprised how rich these sounded from the start.

They have a relatively deep but well defined bass with and a smooth midrange but the highs were not too pronounced and lack the sparkle you can get from higher end models. The middle of the audio range is well represented and blend in nicely with the rest of the audio range and vocals sound good too but things can start to sound a little muddy with a busy arrangement. These can best be described as warm sounding without any specific part of the range taking over. For the money, these actually sound very good.

These feature a microphone with the multifunction button taking care of call answering/rejecting and call quality is as expected with calls coming in nice and clear and the caller also reporting clear audio on their end in my testing environment.

These are comfortable to wear and the tips on offer contribute to this as well as help isolate you from outside sounds. Not everything is blocked out but the vast majority is to make listening to quieter passages easy going and these are on a par with anything else I have tested. I actually prefer to be able to hear louder external noises when wearing earphones for safety reasons so would consider these a good choice for normal day to day use.

For the money, you are getting a good sports Bluetooth earphone. This is a respectable package from the audio and build quality to the additional ear tips and storage bag and are well worth considering if you are on the lookout for a good quality and value for money pair of sports earphones.

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