Question Couch in the corner and against the back wall: side & rear surrounds

Which of the rear and/or surround sound setups make the most sense?

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I searched all around to get ideas for my particular setup, but couldn't find many options where the couch is against the back corner wall and there's a large space where a side wall would normally be in a rectangular room. I can do either a 5.1.4, 7.1.4, or even a 9.1.4 setup with Atmos/Auro 3D and "Voice of God" Channel.

Definitely welcome the feedback. Wife comes home in 2 weeks, so the time is now. :thumbsup:
(Apologies in advance for any typos. Doing this off my phone.)

Adding a floorplan with measurements in case it helps.
Plan 1 - Ground Floor-01.png

What I'm comfortable with so far:
  • Fronts: SVS Ultra bookshelves for the FR and FL and a SVS Ultra Center.
  • Atmos:
    • 2 rear heights above couch facing the front,
    • 2 front heights above FR and FL bookshelves facing the rear.
      (Left and Right front and rear heights would be aligned.)
  • A Prime Elevation for the "Voice of God" channel above and slightly in front of the MLP.

QUESTION: What to do with the rear and/or side surrounds?
I'll probably use all SVS Prime Elevations or a combination of Prime Elevations and SVS Surrounds (Bipole/Dipole/Duet mode).

I had some ideas I wanted to bounce around with the group:

a) Prime Elevations mounted on the back wall, both about 2' above the MLP (main listening position), either:
a1) mounted horizontally, angled inwards to direct the sound more towards the middle of the room;
a2) same as a1, but angled outward, away from the middle of the room to spread out the sound;
a3) same as a1, but angled 45° down and more directly, albeit not too directly, to the MLP; or
a4) angled to fire up to the ceiling, something recommended by Zeos (Z Reviews: 34:30 mark)​

b) Ceiling mounted, one on each side of the couch, both angled towards the MLP.
1 on side wall and 1 on the other side of the couch, but up against the back wall.
ISSUE: Higher than recommended, but assume Audyssey MultEQ XT32 calibration can help with that.​

c) SVS Surrounds on the back wall, about 2' above th MLP, in either bipole or Duet modes.
ISSUE: one of them would be in a corner pretty close to the corner and right above one of the seating areas.​

d) any of the combination above for more of a 7.1.4 or 9.1.4 setup.

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