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sorry mods - this is a duplicate from general chat forum - not too sure where to post.

Im in the process of buying a 1950's 3 Bed Detached house... simple 3 up 2 down design - but its in need of some modernisation. Was wondering if any people here could give me some ballpark estimates as too what things will cost - as i've always had new properties before. Appreciate there is a science to this but maybe many of you have been down this route before. So here goes - What sort of money could i expect to pay for the following work:

1 - Full House rewire (currently there is no consumer unit)
separate circuits for lighting, sockets, AV, smoke detectors, and kitchen appliances

2 - Plastering per room (ceilings & walls)

The rest i'll do myself - but just trying to get a feel (so any Electricians/Plasters in the bournemouth area who fancy helping out an AV addict , feel free to PM!)

Theres a thought - how about a 'professional services' section on the forum (no lewd responses plz )

thx all.


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How long is a piece of string?

I'd join Google groups uk.d-i-y if I were you.

A very broad knowledge base and lots of friendly free advice. A thread like yours should run and run if they can stay on topic. ;)



Wiring - depends where you live in the NE you can get a full rewire for about £2,500 elswhere dont know.

Plastering hmmmm . . . Tricky . . . Good plasterers, at the moment, are as rare as hens teath they all take home £1K a week if they work in London :eek:

You cannot simply get out a copy of Spons building prices and work it out. You need quotes :)



I was in the same situation as you but I'm lucky enough to have a partner who is very handy indeed. He did the heating, plumbing, electrics. Our plasterer charged us £450 for the lounge (22ft by 14ft not including the ceiling) and the kitchen which was just skimming over plasterboard, he then charged £950 for the hall, landing and upstairs ceilings. If you can get the plastering all done at once it's much cheaper as they charge by the day, plaster costs next to nothing it's just the labour you're paying for.

It does all add up though, and very quickly, try to keep a list of what you're paying out or you'll be shocked. We've spent about £30k on ours so far and that's with us doing everything ourselves, but then my boyfriend does have a habit of knocking down walls and moving doorways without consulting me first!! :rotfl:


i done my house up a couple of years ago but i work in the building so can score a few favours, had the house , re-wired,new plumbing, bahroom suite , new kitchen and fully replastered(im a plasterer so no charge there ven for materials;) ) and i think my cost were about £6-7K say add another £4k on for other labour ccosts to you , and you should be able to get the house looking nice

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