Cost of Extras for Panny TH37PW7?


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Apr 30, 2003
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What extras and at roughly what cost would I need if I bought this screen, I see RS have it at sub £1100, but realize I would need extra connections/stand for it. I would require a desktop stand.

I am currently using a Panasonic 28" WS CRT with 2 SCARTS.
SCART1 has a 2way switch box connected.
SCART2 has a PC connected via SVideo-SCART cable.
Only the 1st SCART on the switch box is RGB.
SCART1 has an XBOX looped through a SONY VTX-D800U Freeview box to a Thomson DHD4000 Freeview PVR to a Pioneer DV656 DVD Player.
SCART2 has a PS2 looped through a Panasonic NV-FJ620B Video Recorder.

If it comes to the crunch I can lose the Video recorder as I very rarely use it since getting the PVR.
The PC has DSUB, S-Video OR DVI output so can be altered if required.
The DVD has SCART, S-Video, Video & Component Video Out.

All audio is routed through a Pioneer VSX-D811 AV Amp, so speakers are not necessary.

I only have roughly £1600 to spend and want to know if I can get all this connected within my budget which is pretty strict.

I realize the budget end of Plasma is not great and people will tell me not to bother, but it's got to better than my old 28" WS CRT.

I also realize that there are loads of other posts very similar, I've been reading them all afternoon, but would really appreciate it if I could get some more targeted advice.

Thanks in advance.
use PC to VGA connection (see posts by deleted member for setttings etc) swuggest Xbox and DVD via component on AMP to component card on screen and the FV units to either a scart board or JS RGB>YUV converter (scart board is simplest)
so thats TH-37PW7 or PWD7 with component board and scart board as well as a mount get a quote from RS and from (forum members get a discount) should be just in budget mate
Hi thanks for the fast reply, sadly my old and ricketty amp does not have component, according to the manual only Video and S-Video.
Thanks, I don't like the idea of using S-Video for my DVD, that is probably what is used most, so I'll cost up using SCART/Quintro for now, and save up for a component board and a new AMP as a future purchase.
OK, best price I've found so far is £1350 for the screen, stand, scart terminal and delivery, from Digital-Point.
Does anyone have any experience of them or can suggest a better deal?

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