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I have to say that I'm in total agreement with Twist in these issues - I much prefer to actually receive something physical for my money and couldn't believe the eBook pricing for kindle (recieved one for Xmas) and I certainly won't be buying ANY full priced books for it :(

My Friend who a writer,get just 1p per download on kindle :(.

In adgeedment i perfer something physical :)

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I've always used Zinio for magazine subs, not sure Apple take a cut from that just the initial app purchase but they do offers every now and then and it's handy to carry around :)


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I’m definitely a convert to media on the iPad wherever it’s easy to get at.

I only download books via Kindle now and keep all my PDF manuals / work material there too. This not only sync’s them to the iPad, but also to the PC and iPhone.

Magazines are extremely good on the iPad, but I can see organisation / archiving of them over time becoming interesting and if they aren’t purchased in a common format there’s always the danger things will change in the future and you’ll have difficulty accessing back issues.

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