Cosmos DVD (Carl Sagan)


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If it is only available on ebay then I would suggest it is at best an unofficially released disc or at worst a pirate copy. Definitely not worth that kind of money.




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Thanks Garrett, I initially thought of updating the previous post - but since it was in the Music Forum decided against it.

I know that there is a genuine version of this DVD about and, although I frequently use ebay, I would rather buy DVDs from an online retailer... but as with my previous post the cost was/is prohibitive.

The price currently being charged on ebay is reasonable for this collection, but if it is the genuine article and was due for release on 15th October then it should be available elsewhere! Until these new auctions, Cosmos was selling for well in excess of $120 - I'm only guessing, but something has changed if they are being offered at much lower prices, or am I just overly suspicious.


When it was originally released it was only from limited sites and one other with a price of US$170

A distributor now seems to have bought the rights to release it in Canada. It is I believe C$120 rrp so around £50 with sites like and selling it. However release date seems to keep being put back. Was originally end Sept then 15/10 then 29/10
DVDSoon did claims in stock but has anyone got it from them, have seen this before that when you actually order they then check and say no stock.

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