Corsair Vengeance LPX 3,200Mhz max overclock speeds


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I have a desktop built around an Asus z370-g Matx board with Intel 9600k cpu, EVGA RTX 2080xc cpu, 750w psu and Samsung 970 pro SSD. I have an Intel 9900k on order as I know that’s the weakest link. But have overclocked the 9600k to 5.1Ghz with no problems, the Gpu is overclocked using EVGA precision x1, but some games freeze. And the memory is overclocked to 3,600Mhz and now doesn’t seem to have problems. But have read people say they can get upto 4,000mhz. But 3,600 is the max limit before is fails the POST start up. I know you can alter timings etc, but don’t really understand much, so originally set timings to auto, and that would work easily upto about 3,400Mhz, but once I did manage 3,600 but some games would freeze. So in the bios I tried changing it to 3,400 MHz, but still couldn’t get it to post. But noticed the CAS changed from 16 to 18, so put it back to 16 and it seems fine and then was able to get back to 3,600. It seems if I select the timings to auto, it doesn’t work, or it sets the latency too high that it makes the overclocking pointless. But how have people managed to get higher clock speeds. I have a 4x16 gb sticks and sometimes they do feel quite warm, so is it safe to try higher speeds? Also as I said I’m getting a 9900k cpu, so would that help get higher speeds. Or any other advice to get a good understanding for overclocking. I was debating wether to hold out for the 11th gen CPU’s but that’d mean a new board as well, and it seems that I will get good improvements from the 9,600k. And if not I can save up, wait for price drops and have two CPU’s to sell.

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