Corrupt windows needs help


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Following the installation of my X-Box on the PC I now have a corrupt windows.
I get the desktop but no Icons or start button. The only way to start progs is to Ctrl-Alt-Del and click New Task from the Task Manager.
I'm sure that Windows Restore will fix the prob but cannot find it when I browse for the .exe file.
Can anyone help me locate it please.
I have XP Media. the hard drive is the only thing surviving from the PC World machine I got a year ago but it's only now that I find out I've no backup CD.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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When you've got Task Manager up and running see if explorer.exe is running. If it is then kill it and then run a new explorer.exe task. If it's not running then try running it.

The quickest way to repair your computer requires you to have access to the Windows CD. That has a recovery option built in that will allow you to repair a corrupt version of Windows without a full reinstall.

However, I rarely recover the OS as I normally partition the HDD in two (C:\ = 18GB and D:\ the rest). Install the OS to C:\ and move My Documents to D:\ and by editing the registry moving Program Files to D:\. This means that if you need to install Windows again or are upgrading you can safely format C:\ but your documents are stored on D:\. The reason I move Program Files is so that I know which programs I had installed from the previous time.

Oh, just though of something... Now this may sound very silly but if explorer.exe is running is Task Manager then check the edges of your screen. Is there is a grey line or something similar on one of the edges? If you can't see anything move your mouse pointer to the edges and see if the cursor changes from the pointer to a double headed arrow. If it does then you've completely minimised your start menu. If that's the case then all you have to do is left-click and hold and drag it to make it larger! You can then drag the start bar to whichever edge you like. As for the no icons, (this is assuming that you've found your task bar/start menu again) have a look at



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Hi, If you do have the windows CD........start pc ...put cd in and press F8 until you get the choice of how to start-up...................choose safemode.

When its done you should have the start button e,c.t. (In Safemode)

click Start, Run and then in box type sfc/scannow hit Enter.

Now go away and have a cup of tea. :boring:

Windows will now look at EVERY windows file in c:/ and if corrupt, it will replace/ over-rite. When finished.........which could be over 1 hour or more should have system running properly again.

You MUST have the windows CD though....


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