corrupt video from 5450


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Hi all

the hdmi from my card is fed into a 1 in 2 out splitter, now if the 2 outputs are connected to plasma and projector(with hdfury hdmi-vga convertor) i get normal boot past post screen till i get to starting windows then i get the screen splitting into 2 down the middle and then after a few seconds no video output.

If i unplug the cable to the projector and boot i get a normal boot.

Any ideas



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In simple terms it takes the feed from the htpc and splits it to 2 different displays at the same time.

So both displays are 720p and card outputs 720p pc boots up and at post screen 720p is reported then it loads onto starting windows, screen splits in 2 the left hand side jumps to the right and the right jumps to the left with a rough\tear looking join in the middle and displays report 1080p resolution.

If i unplug the cable from the card it boots fine then i reconect to log in


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try starting up at a very low resolution and then working your way up, sometimes gpu's think they know better and auto select a resolution, would happen to me with my 1366x768 monitor, would always try to turn it to 1080p for some reason :L

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