corrupt graphics problem with time PC ??


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Hi All,

Well this machine has been dumped on me, and is an ok machine.

The downside is that the graphics are all very distorted and colourful.

I've put it down to a dodgy driver or even a damaged graphics chip.

Spec: (Very limited, as i got little info to go on !!)
AMD XP1600
256mb 133mhz SDRAM
MSI Mainboard with onboard sound & graphics (No AGP Slot)
XP Home
80 Gig HD
Toshiba DVD Rom Drive

Shame to destroy such a machine, but could i put in an PCI graphics card into it ??




Well the mainboard is an MS6378 Board v3.0 with VIA® Apollo KLE133 chipset.

I've tried a PCI 8mb Graphics card in it, but the downside is there is no way of disabling the onboard video !! :(

So it looks like a new mainboard, or a new PC build ??


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It seems a bit strange that you cannot disable onboard graphics have you had a look in the bios?
That system is a bit long in the tooth but more than adequate for web browsing and playing games at low resolutions. Why not just replace the motherboard with a cheapo one and use the rest of the components to plug in it. With an addition of maybe some more memory and more recent graphics card will keep you going for a while longer.:)


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Hi Hawklord,

Well i've just been to the MSI Website and this is what they stated in the FAQ.

"Can I disable the on-board video of MS-6378?

No, you cannot. This is chipset limitation"

So i'm pretty stuffed on that one, so i could look for another mainboard of the same type on ebay to replace it.

I've tried to find a setting in the BIOS, and i've looked on the mainboard for a jumper. (No Joy !!)

So you end up with both graphic displays overlaying each other, resulting in a garbled mess !! :(




Just found a brand new mainboard, so i can get it working. Shame it isn't a regular type case, otherwise i could have dumped any AMD type mainboard that would be complatible with the 1600+ chip.

Thanks for your help


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Maybe it's time to buy a nice case:)
I bought a Cheiftech dragon that's very nice and will last me for years you can get many styles and colours these days. Anything will be better than the usual beige box.


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Nice thought Hawklord:

But it's not really my machine, as it came in as a duff machine to be used for spares. (The owner was happy for me to pay him off and use it for bits)

And now the owner want's the mainboard replaced, shame really as it had some nice parts for me to build a new HTPC !!

I gave them a quote on a new XP2500+ based PC, but they prefered to get this one working again.



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