Correct way to setup PC-to-TV connection (TX-P42X10). Need help.


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Oct 14, 2009
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First time poster, but kind of a lurker for a longer time already.

I've recently bought a cheap hdmi (1.3b standard 25ft length) cable to connect my panny to PC and have a hard time setting it up nicely. Intended use - watching HD (720p/1080p) video material.
Relevant specs of my pc - Core2Duo E8XXX series, ATI HD4870 video card using catalyst 9.10 (latest), VISTA 64bit.
PC is connected to TV via DVI-HDMI adapter.

First try:
Extended the desktop to my plasma (display2 in catalyst) and set the resolution to 1920x1080@60hz - yields somewhat correct picture as apparently the videocard scales down the signal for detected display2 (the panny). Aspect ratio on tv is set to "auto" or "just".
Problems: playback of 1080p material is very choppy - stutters all over. 720p somewhat watchable although not perfect. Aspect ratio when playing full screen video seems to be spot on. Stuttering does not occur when i play the video on my monitor (display1) which is connected through other DVI port so it is not a pc hardware/software problem.
Solution?: Better hdmi cable? Is current cable the problem? It can't handle the 1080p over it's length? I do not have another hdmi cable to try out atm.

Second try:
Extended the desktop to my plasma (display2 in catalyst) and set the resolution to 1024x768@60hz - desktop is smaller . Aspect ratio in VLC player set to 4:3; but on tv - "4:3 full screen". Playback of 1080p and 720p material is smooth. I do not care about the zoomed desktop area as it is not an issue when playing the video through VLC in full screen mode.
1. Can't set a refresh rate in catalyst higher than 60hz (image seems to flicker a bit because of this).
2. Aspect ratio in VLC player has to be set to 4:3 when playing video on plasma.
Solution?: Any way to force the refresh rate higher? Can't find a way how to do that at least not on vista. I could live with the manual changing of VLC aspect ratio between playing video on pc and tv.

Any input is much appreciated.
Try set it to 50hz. Then you can get 100hz out of your tv.
Try VGA. This works better with the computer, and you have more settings on PC mode. The quality is very good too:smashin:

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