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Correct way to set up!!!


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Im in the middle of setting up my home entertainment system. I currently have a 26" LCD with VGA and DVI connection.

I have a HTPC, and motherboard has a SPIDIF out and 5.1 surround via jacks.

I also have a Onkyo 605 amp.

And finally a ntl 4001 digibox.

Whats the best way to connect up the htpc to the amp so all my hd material sound can go through my amp?.

currently i have the digibox through the scart, it has no audio output.

htpc to lcd via VGA, not using DVI at the min.

any advice please?

Soon i will be getting either a hd or blueray player?.


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Just clipped this from a reply I gave earlier.

As you are getting a REAL AV amp and not some all-in-one you have many options.
1, Connect using 3 X 3.5mm to twin phono plugs (they look like this http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?...3.5mm&doy=10m1 ) from your onboard sound card to the AV amp 5.1 direct in, I prefer this method as it gives 5.1 for everything from the PC then go into your sound settings change the output to 5.1, use the test tones to check you have connected the cables the right way round see page 1-28 of your manual.
2, Buy (if you can find) the item shown on page 1-32 of your manual http://dlsvr02.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/...6_m2npv-vm.pdf to give you optical out from the PC, I do not prefer this method as games/hard drive held movies in 5.1 will not output in 5.1 over a digital link from a PC as the PC does not have a Dolby encoder built in. DVD's from your DVD drive will give 5.1.
3, For better sound quality get something like this http://www.ebuyer.com/product/129740 and use as described in 1.
To install go into Bios and disable your onboard audio, then uninstall all audio drivers (may need re-boot first), power down PC, install Creative card and software.

When looking for cables 3.5mm to twin phono just make sure the 3.5mm phonos are not too fat as they will not sit side by side at the back of your PC when plugged in.

For audio out of cable box this may work http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?ModuleNo=33041&criteria=scart&doy=10m1


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Can anu body advise on connecting up the ntl box to get sound from the amp? The ntl box has 2 scarts one say tv, other says video. At the moment it is connected to tv, and straight into tv, picture audio fine. i have connected the other scart to video and it has 6 leads coming out red,white,yellow, and blue green and ??. i tried to connect just red and white to the cable/sat input of the amp? but im getting no sound.

also tried by connecting red,green and blue to component IN3 on amp, allocated that in amp, but all im getting is a blue screen, when i press seting on amp i can see the options on my screen.

hdmi out to tv via HDMI with dvi adapter.


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