Correct type of TRS cable to connect monitor speakers and audio interface

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I currently have an Alesis iO2 Express USB audio interface that has 2 balanced 1/4 outputs connected to two KRK RP6 monitoring speakers that have balanced XLR and balanced 1/4 inputs.

I'm currently connecting them with what I suspect to be a 1/4 unbalanced TS cable that came bundled with the speakers (see link below) but it picks up a humming noise on the speakers when I put my graphics card under strain.

I'm guessing that I should switch over to a balanced TRS to eliminate this noise? But I'm not sure which kind of cable I'd need as in whether it needs to be a specific type of TRS. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)


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Given that you've got the choice of XLR or TRS going into the speakers you could go TRS to TRS or TRS to XLR.

Personally I'd prefer XLR.

The cable should be wired :


Pin1 - Sleeve
Pin2 - Tip
Pin3 - Ring

Should be pretty easy to find, here's one example



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